What You Need To Know About Mastectomy

It is important to have as much information as possible about the mastectomy operation, if you choose to undergo this intervention. Among other things, it can cause pain, complications and may be followed by breast reconstruction.
What you need to know about mastectomy surgery

Sometimes, mastectomy surgery is needed to treat breast cancer. It is not the first choice of doctors, but in some cases, it is the only one that can save your life.

To better understand this procedure, it is important to know what the surgery actually involves, namely that the mastectomy operation removes all or part of the breast.

You need to change your perspective on how to treat breast cancer. You have to understand that mastectomy is a huge change.

In recent years, some women diagnosed with breast cancer have chosen to have a mastectomy for preventive purposes. 

Although it is not a bad choice, it is a strictly personal decision. This operation may not be necessary if you do not have a family history of a history of this disease or a genetic mutation that increases the risk of its occurrence.

Here’s what you need to know before undergoing a mastectomy.

1. The mastectomy operation is different for each woman

Some people have more pain than others. Sometimes it is possible for the recovery period to last more than 12 weeks, which would be normal.

It is your body that decides when you can return to your previous routine, whether it is sooner or later than you would have expected.

You can prepare for this stage: make sure there is a person with you to help you after the mastectomy operation. It is very important to have someone close.

The first two weeks after the mastectomy will be very complicated. Your mobility will be affected. You will not be able to do even the simplest things, such as opening a bottle of water or combing your hair.

In terms of pain, the situation is different for each patient. Some women do not feel great pain. In fact, some do not feel any pain. Others just feel a sense of pressure and that’s it.

2. Complications can occur

Breast cancer

Mastectomy surgery is a surgery like any other and it is necessary to prepare yourself mentally for possible complications. 

Some women do not feel that this intervention has affected them in any way, while others have experienced many inconveniences.

One of the possible effects is difficulty breathing due to pain. In addition, you may develop pneumonia due to the fact that the lungs no longer filter the air. You need to take proper care of yourself after the operation, because now you are the most prone to infections.

Another possible consequence of mastectomy is constipation. It occurs as a result of the effects of anesthesia and pain medication. These pills can make you worry a lot, because you can find that you haven’t had a stool in five days.

It is important to talk to your doctor to find out how you can prevent this problem. A high-fiber diet can be very helpful.

3. Breast reconstruction can be an option

Breast reconstruction

The subject of breast reconstruction after mastectomy is very sensitive, as each woman has different opinions and needs. Some women refuse to have a breast reconstruction for personal reasons, while others consider that they have to accept their new body.

Although the presence of the breasts is associated with the beauty of the body, some women choose not to undergo breast reconstruction. An example is the case of women who had large breasts before the operation and are satisfied that they got rid of back pain. In addition, some patients may suffer a lot during the reconstruction process.

In any case, it is necessary to analyze your own needs before making a decision in this regard. 

Ask your doctor for clarification

The mastectomy operation is a very important step that you choose or you have to do, so you have to pay due attention to it, but not be afraid.

Talk to your doctor, and if you come to the conclusion that a mastectomy is necessary, make sure you understand exactly what this surgery consists of.

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