What Happens After You Reach Your Ideal Weight?

To maintain your ideal weight, you need to remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary and replace it with “lifestyle.” Awareness of this small change can help you make the results permanent. 
What happens after you reach your ideal weight?

It is a great satisfaction to climb on the scales and notice that you have reached the ideal weight. Following the combination of a healthy diet and a regular exercise program, the results are finally visible.

Training at the gym does not seem as difficult as at the beginning and you manage to lift more and more weights. As for food, you have given up burgers and fries, and the effects are visible on your body.

Here’s what happens after you’ve reached your ideal weight. Get ready for all the benefits and challenges of this new stage of your life.

1. Have you reached the ideal weight? You have to celebrate!

You have to celebrate if you have reached the ideal weight

Yes! Let’s start with the best. Achieving the ideal weight is an achievement. It is a great joy to see that your efforts have paid off, which is why it is worth celebrating.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything in the water on Saturday. With a simple “celebration” you can cancel all your progress. Choose an original way to celebrate your success, without affecting the results obtained.

  • To show everyone how satisfied you are with the way you look, you can wear the dress that you kept in the bottom of the closet and that now fits you very well.
  • You could also enroll in a dance class that you have not dared to attend so far.
  • Another idea is to organize a party to invite your loved ones. Of course, carbs and cake have nothing to look forward to at this meeting. Rather choose pieces of fruit, yogurt-based desserts or other similar options.

2. Once you become a member of the club, you cannot leave it

Once you have made the decision to adopt healthier eating habits, you cannot change your mind. People who have reached the ideal weight have achieved this only by adopting a balanced diet.

In order not to regain the lost kilograms, you must continue to eat correctly.

But in order to maintain your new weight in the long run, you need to remember one very important thing: you need to erase the word “diet” from your mind.

The next step is to add the phrase “healthy lifestyle.” This is not just about nutrition, but includes a complete set of beneficial habits that help you maintain your ideal weight indefinitely.

4. You can also enjoy delicious food

You can also enjoy delicious food if you have reached the ideal weight

Since this is a new lifestyle, you should not give up your little culinary pleasures.

The most unpleasant aspect when it comes to a diet is the ban on consuming many foods. But you’re not a robot.

You have lusts and desires, and when you can’t satisfy them, feelings of sadness or frustration can appear that make the forbidden “object” even more attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you give yourself permission to enjoy a dessert or a delicious baguette from time to time. You don’t even have to limit yourself to one craving per month, once a week is perfect.

Of course, it’s a lifestyle, but you shouldn’t overdo it by following certain rules.

You can opt for certain healthy alternatives to the dishes you miss: homemade bread with nuts instead of the one you bought, banana chips, gelatin sweets, etc.

4. Weigh yourself more often

You don’t have to weigh yourself every day, but try to do it once a week or twice a month. All the more so as the physical activity during the weight loss regimen is less and less.

If you weigh yourself, you can clearly observe your evolution. It is important to keep a journal of all changes. For example, if in a week you have added a certain food to your diet and you have noticed a slight weight gain, you can ask the nutritionist if there is any connection between them.

The same is true if you train for several hours and notice that you feel weak and have lost a few pounds. In this case, it is necessary to talk to your coach and your nutritionist.

5. You definitely have skin left on your arms, if you have reached the ideal weight

You have skin left on your arms if you have reached the ideal weight

The skin left may not be your fault. Many people are prone to this unpleasant problem. It generally depends on the number of kilograms lost. In any case, the skin does not contract to “fit” a thinner arm, but hangs in an unsightly way.

Some people opt for surgery to remove excess skin. Others got used to it. Whatever your choice, do not forget that this so-called defect is a clear indication of the effort you have made to reach the ideal weight.

Welcome to a new stage in life

Once you have reached your ideal weight, you enter another stage of life. Get ready for it and learn to love your body and the way you look now. There may be some details that do not fully satisfy you, but you can work on them.

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