What Do Your Fingers Say About Your Health?

Your hands can reveal important information about your personality and health. For example, women with a longer ring finger than the index finger are better at sports.
What do your fingers say about your health?

Like any other part of the body, your fingers play an important role in your daily life, health and activities. But in addition to being extremely useful, your fingers can reflect your overall health without you noticing. Here’s what your fingers say about you!

Various studies conducted over the last few years have shown that the fingers reflect certain aspects of physical and mental health, but also of the personality and behavior of each individual.

You have probably not been aware of all the information transmitted by your fingers until now. Therefore, in today’s article, we present eight things that your fingers reveal about your health.

1. High testosterone levels

If your index finger is shorter than normal, you may have high testosterone levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

Men almost always have a shorter index finger than a ring finger. In women, both are about the same length.

These differences in finger length have been associated with levels of testosterone and other hormones. Testosterone levels are usually higher in men, and those with very high levels have low estrogen levels and low sperm production.

2. What your fingers say about the risk of osteoarthritis

What your fingers say about the risk of developing osteoarthritis

A study conducted at the University of Nottingham (UK) showed that people with shorter index fingers are more likely to develop problems such as osteoarthritis.

This is due to lack of estrogen and reduced physical activity, which mainly affects women.

3. The risk of prostate cancer

A study conducted at the University of Warwick (UK) showed that men who have a longer index finger than the ring finger have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer.

4. A genetic disadvantage

If your index finger is much shorter than your ring finger, this may be an indication that you have been exposed to higher levels of testosterone in your mother’s womb.

A study conducted at King’s College (UK) showed that exposure to certain hormones during pregnancy can influence the child’s future behavioral patterns.

5. Fingers can reveal the size of the penis

The fingers reveal some interesting information

A study by researchers at Gachon University (South Korea) showed that men who have shorter index fingers than ring fingers have a larger penis.

This study was conducted on a sample of 144 men. These were measured while under anesthesia.

6. Signs of hypothyroidism

A high sodium intake can cause water retention. This often leads to swelling of the fingers. Water retention can be treated with the help of appropriate natural remedies.

If your fingers often remain swollen for a longer period of time, this may be a sign of a thyroid problem. Such a condition can slow down your metabolism, causing water retention and weight gain.

7. Excellent sports skills

What the fingers say about sports skills

Wondering what your fingers say about your sportsmanship? Well, research has shown that women with longer ring fingers than pointing fingers have more developed sports skills than others.

They may be more athletic, especially when it comes to activities such as running, tennis or weightlifting.

8. You are a skilled businessman

Specialized research has shown that people who have a longer ring finger are more successful in business.

A study conducted at the University of Cambridge in the UK showed that investors with a longer ring finger had 11 times higher profits than their competitors. This may be related to testosterone levels.


In addition to the fact that you must always take care of the appearance of your hands, it is good to remember what your fingers say about your general health and your personality.

Maybe one day this information will prove useful in detecting certain problems and, implicitly, in finding the right solutions.

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