What Are The Most Harmful Drinks For The Stomach?

The stomach has the role of digesting food and beverages. What happens when we drink too much? In this article we present the most harmful drinks for the stomach. 
What are the most harmful drinks for the stomach?

The stomach is an essential organ for digesting food and drink. This is where they are assimilated and metabolized in the intestines. All of these processes are influenced by the type of food you eat and how you eat it. Some people overeat some of the most harmful drinks for the stomach.


1. Alcohol

The most harmful drinks for the stomach such as strengths

The most harmful drinks for the stomach and other vital organs, such as the liver, are alcoholic beverages. With a high level of toxicity, they should be consumed occasionally and in small quantities.

In addition to the negative effects on the stomach, alcohol affects the liver, intestines, heart and other organs. The harmful effects of alcoholic beverages are felt shortly after consumption. 

Do not forget that, due to its composition, alcohol is not nutritious at all and, in addition, it is rich in calories. Alcoholic beverages have diuretic effects and, if consumed in large quantities, can cause dehydration. These are some of the reasons why the hangover is felt.

Any alcoholic beverage can damage the body. The consequences are even more severe if the drinks contain a high percentage of alcohol and are mixed with other commercial beverages. The high amount of sugar in them considerably increases the caloric intake in the body. In the long run, the health consequences are major.

The most harmful drinks for the stomach

  • Brandy: one of the most harmful drinks for the stomach and less recommended. The reason is the process of distilling certain types of brandy. We refer in particular to those obtained from fruits with a high concentration of sugar. In addition, drinks with a high percentage of alcohol, such as 50%, are always harmful.
  • Amaretto liqueur: the combination of flavors can have 300 calories.  Various processed ingredients are added to the composition of this drink. A drink can contain up to 57 g of sugar.
  • Aniseed liqueur: another of the most harmful drinks for the stomach. Its name comes from the plant of the same name and has a high percentage of alcohol. In addition, this liquid is used as a base for other alcoholic beverages.
  • In some countries, this liqueur is often served to facilitate digestion. This probably explains the high consumption worldwide. Aniseed liqueur is high in calories (between 295 and 300).

Cocktails, rum and vodka

  • Cocktails are known for their high calorie count. They can be prepared from rum, tequila, gin, vodka, etc., but can also be mixed with cola-based sour drinks. These combinations increase the concentration of alcohol and caloric intake.
  • Rum: This drink is mainly made from sugar cane and is rich in sugars. Rum has around 344 calories and a high concentration of alcohol. It is mainly used as a base for other drinks, such as mojito.
  • Vodka:  is the first in the list of favorite drinks for mixing with other energy drinks. It has a high number of calories and 42% alcohol. Vodka is one of the strongest drinks.

2. Incentive drinks

Coffee is one of the most harmful drinks for the stomach

Among the most harmful drinks for the stomach are coffee, tea and carbonated drinks. If consumed frequently, these fluids cause bloating and damage the gastric mucosa. Thus, you may develop a gastric ulcer or you may suffer from insomnia.

3. Mixtures of energy drinks and alcohol

Mixtures of the most harmful drinks for the stomach

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol is extremely harmful. It can cause gastric and metabolic problems, but also sleep disorders. In addition, such a “cocktail” can cause dehydration due to the high concentration of alcohol and the high number of calories.

Serious consequences of mixing alcohol and energy drinks include alcohol intoxication and even coma. Therefore, such combinations are very dangerous.

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