Vegan Meringue Recipe

You can eat meringues simply or in various pastries. Although its main ingredient is eggs, in this article we suggest a recipe for making meringue with 100% vegetable ingredients.
Vegan meringue recipe (vegan meringue)

Did you know that it is possible to make meringue with vegan ingredients? This may surprise you, because vegan recipes do not contain animal products. Therefore, you cannot use eggs or dairy products to make them. However, it is possible to prepare a vegan meringue recipe!

In this article, you will discover how to make meringue with vegan ingredients. We are sure that the secret of this recipe will surprise you. You won’t believe it until you try it!

Vegan diet

Woman making vegan meringue
If you do not eat animal products, you cannot use ingredients such as eggs or dairy products.

The vegan diet excludes all foods of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products). In fact, if it is a strict diet, it excludes even products such as honey and gelatin.

Many people choose this type of diet temporarily or forever. They do so for ethical, religious or health reasons. However, vegan recipes are also a great option for those with intolerances to certain foods, such as lactose or eggs.

Meringue, an irresistible dessert

Meringue or meringue is a very popular dessert. It is made with beaten egg whites and sugar. In some cases, you can also add dyes or nuts. You can consume it as such or as a cake filling. There are also different types of textures, from soft to hard.

Since the main ingredient is eggs, it seems hard to imagine how you could make meringue with vegan ingredients. Also, although cream might be very similar, it is not a vegan food. So what can you do?

Vegan meringue recipe (vegan meringue)


Does it taste like chickpeas?

Even if this recipe uses the liquid from a box of chickpeas, you should not worry about the taste, because no one will notice the presence of legumes! Sugar camouflages the taste of chickpeas.

This meringue has the same look and texture as the meringue in eggs and both are irresistible! Therefore, below, we will share some ideas to make the most of them.

Other uses of meringue with vegan ingredients

Vegan meringue recipe with lemon
Once you have finished the meringue, you can use it for many dishes, such as pastries or mayonnaise.

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