VapoRub: 12 Alternative Uses

VapoRub has many alternative uses. Read some of them in the lines below. 
VapoRub: 12 alternative uses

Vicks (or Wick) VapoRub ointment is a product used for many years to relieve coughs and other cold symptoms that may have other uses.

For decades, parents have been using a little ointment on their children’s chests to treat congestion, cough and help little ones breathe better at night.

Alternative uses of VapoRub

But many people do not know that  VapoRub has some alternative uses that are worth trying.

1. VapoRub relieves headaches

VapoRub ointment relieves headaches

If you massage your forehead or temples with a little VapoRub, you will feel an improvement in just a few minutes. Fortunately, this remedy has been shown to be effective for almost all headaches, including mild migraines.

2. Fight cold symptoms

Although it is usually applied to the chest and back to relieve cold symptoms, many people claim that VapoRub is more effective if applied to the feet. 

Massage the product on the soles and wear a pair of socks. The remedy will take effect during the night.

3. Prevents pets from urinating in the house

One of the most surprising uses of this ointment is related to pets! Dogs and cats do not tolerate the smell of VapoRub and always avoid an open box of this product. 

If your pets have a habit of urinating in a certain area of ​​the house, leave some VapoRub in that place.

However, do not forget that this product can be toxic to animals if ingested, as it causes side effects.

4. Eliminates wrinkles and stretch marks

Its main ingredients include menthol and several natural oils, which is why VapoRub reduces stretch marks and helps eliminate them permanently.

5. It is an effective insecticide

VapoRub is an excellent alternative to traditional insecticides. If you apply a little ointment on your clothes when you plan to spend your day outdoors, the insects will avoid you.

You can try the same trick with food when you go out on the green grass or in the woods. Unwrap a box of VapoRub and place it on the blanket or table, and the insects will stay away.

6. Relieves muscle pain

VapoRub has medicinal properties that relax muscle tissue. If you apply a little ointment on the inflamed or painful area, you will feel an immediate relief.

If your feet are swollen or you miss it because you walked a lot, apply a little VapoRub. Use the same procedure as when massaging your feet to relieve the cold. Wear socks, and when you wake up, you will feel much more relaxed and rested.

7. Treat acne

Acne is a common problem among teenagers and young adults. Fortunately, it turns out that when you apply a little VapoRub on the affected areas every night, you get very good results. In the morning, you can see a difference.

This ointment is an effective treatment for all types of acne, including cystic acne.

8. Treat nail fungus

VapoRub ointment treats nail fungus

Applied to the nails, VapoRub helps to treat fungal infections. You will notice that the nail gets a darker color, which shows that the ointment removes the fungus in a short time.

9. Relieves ear pain

Any discomfort you occasionally feel in the ear area can be alleviated if you apply a little ointment with a piece of cotton wool. Keep the cotton wool on the ear canal for two hours.

This time, it is important to differentiate between relieving pain and treating an infection. In the second case, it is necessary to go to the doctor.

10. Treat cracked heels

If you have cracked heels, this ointment is just as useful as wrinkles and stretch marks. Apply a little VapoRub on your feet and soles, then put on socks.

VapoRub ointment treats cracked heels

The next day, wash your feet with warm water and exfoliate them with a pumice stone.

11. Treat burns

This product relieves the pain caused by burns, whether they were caused by the sun, hot oil or other hot liquids in the kitchen.

12. Moisturizes chapped lips

As if it didn’t have enough benefits, VapoRub softens dry skin and moisturizes the lips. 

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