Uses Of Alum Stone In The Household

Alum stone has become famous as a deodorant. However, did you know that it has many more practical uses? Read this article to discover them!
Uses of alum stone in the household

Uses of alum stone

Natural alum stone
Alum stone is a natural stone with many uses in the household.

You can buy alum stone from pharmacies or health food stores in its “natural” or “synthetic” versions. Of course, we recommend you to buy the natural version, whose main component is Potassium-Alum or KAl3 (OH) 6 (SO4) 2.

This volcanic rock comes from igneous rock. Because it is a natural product whose origin depends on changes in the potassium in the rocks, you will probably notice differences in color and texture between one stone and another. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal.

Let’s take a look at how you can use this stone in the household.

1. Alum stone as a deodorant

Uses of alum stone under the armpit
Wet the stone and rub your armpits with it.

The most common use of alum stone is as a deodorant. In fact, you can read thousands of stories on the internet of people who have abandoned conventional deodorants for this natural option.

Many of these people decided to make a change in search of an aluminum-free option, as some studies have combined the use of aluminum deodorants with breast cancer. Some researchers have suggested that, like estrogen, which can promote the growth of cancer cells, aluminum-based products may contribute to the development of cancer. However, there are still no conclusive data in this regard.

It is worth noting that the use of this variant does not mean abandoning aluminum, because this stone is a saline compound based on aluminum and potassium. So, if that was the only reason for the change, you should rethink the issue.

It is true that when you use this stone as a deodorant, you avoid alcohols, parabens and other preservatives. Alum is completely natural and has bactericidal and antiperspirant effects. To use it, you just need to moisten the stone and rub it on your armpits, as you would with a roll-on deodorant.

Note: Please note that alum ore may cause allergies. Do not use the product if you have a rash or discomfort.

2. Treatment for acne

Girl squeezing her pimples
The antibacterial properties of alum stone fight acne.

Stretch marks on the thighs
Alum stone can help hide stretch marks.

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