Used Tea Bags: Uses

Often, when people make tea or infusion, they throw away something that might be useful to them in many ways. These are the tea bags.
Used tea bags: uses

Tea bags are not just dried leaves of useless plants. Therefore, in this article we will show you the surprising ways in which tea bags can be used: as a plant fertilizer, against bags under the eyes, to eliminate odors from the refrigerator and closet, against mosquitoes, etc.

Caring for the environment

More and more people are interested in making the most of the things they use and throwing away as little as possible. In this article you will discover that tea bags used for daily infusions can be practical solutions for almost anything.

Tea bags

Plant fertilizer

Many of those who have a garden or orchard also have a pile of fertilizer: a place to dispose of organic waste. In a few weeks, they will become fertilizer for plants. Undoubtedly, this is a way to get rid of residues and, at the same time, have more fertile ground.

Following this pattern, the contents of the tea bags can help you prepare a plant fertilizer in smaller proportions. You can collect several sachets or use each one after making tea. Simply discard their contents in pots and mix with the soil.

If the tea bags are made of organic material and do not have metal clasps, you can bury them directly in the ground.

Tea bags are good for plants

Anti-inflammatory treatment

Most teas have beneficial properties for both internal organ health and skin. The most used, green tea and black tea, also have an anti-inflammatory effect. You will be able to improve, for example, bags under the eyes, swollen eyelids or insect bites.

Tea bags are even more effective if they are cold, because the low temperature helps reduce swelling. Therefore, we suggest that you always keep the tea bags used in the refrigerator. If necessary, you can apply them directly on the area for a few minutes.

Unpleasant odors

This is one of the most unknown uses. After drying, the tea bags used have an effect similar to that of baking soda: they absorb unpleasant odors. That’s why the sachets absorb odors from the fridge or cupboards.

A single sachet is not enough to remove the odor from a large space. Therefore, we recommend that you put a few in a box with holes. It is more practical.

You can use the tea bags to clean the carpets or sofas on which the pets sat. All you have to do is spread the contents of the sachets in those places, wait a few minutes, then vacuum. This way you will get rid of dust and unpleasant odors.

Mosquitoes against mosquitoes

If you like to use aromatherapy, find out that tea leaves can also be used for fumigation. They purify the air and repel mosquitoes, especially if the sachets contain black tea, lemon, lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus.

Tea bags can be reused

If you want to save money, you should know that you can reuse the sachets for another infusion, especially if they still have flavor. Probably the second time it is better to use two sachets in one infusion, to get the same flavor as a new sachet.

The sachets used can also be boiled, and the water can be added to the water in the bathtub or used to bathe your feet. As I said before, they have an anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect.

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