Treating Gastritis With Two Ingredients

When the first signs of heartburn appear, drink half a glass of this remedy. It can also be used as a preventative measure after a hearty meal. 
Treatment of gastritis with two ingredients

At some point in life, many people feel some annoying burns located at the point where the esophagus joins the stomach. In some cases it is just a simple reaction to certain foods, but others face a symptom of a chronic disease: gastritis. The treatment of gastritis can be done both with the help of medicines and with natural products.

The symptoms of gastritis are caused by an inflammation of the stomach lining that protects the body from extremely acidic gastric juices.

Weakening of the gastric mucosa increases the risk of ulcers or other digestive problems, such as pain, inflammation and acid reflux. People diagnosed with gastritis need to change their lifestyle and adopt a healthier diet.

Although there are many medications that help relieve symptoms, it is better to opt for natural products, as they have no side effects.

Fortunately, we have many organic ingredients with properties that accelerate the healing process. These include aloe vera and honey, both of which quickly relieve the discomfort caused by gastritis.

Remedy with aloe vera and honey for gastritis

When you combine these two ingredients, you get a very effective remedy against the symptoms of gastritis. In the following we present the benefits offered by each of them.

The benefits of the aloe vera plant for treating gastritis

Aloe vera helps treat gastritis

Aloe vera gel, which is found inside the leaves, has been used for centuries for its ability to reduce inflammation and regulate digestion. It contains a substance with strong laxative effects, called aloein, which facilitates the elimination of waste from the intestines.

Mucilage, an active compound of the aloe vera plant, covers and protects the gastric mucosa, relieving ulcers, inflammation and acidity. In addition, aloe vera gel stimulates the regeneration of damaged mucosa.

Aloe vera has an alkalizing effect that regulates gastric pH, reducing acid reflux and the burning sensation that accompanies it.

The benefits of honey for treating gastritis

Bee honey helps treat gastritis

Honey is a natural product with many medicinal properties. It is rich in fructose and glucose, two monosaccharides that are easily absorbed into the intestinal mucosa, providing energy to the whole body.

Honey is a natural source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that helps digestion and reduces bloating. It is not known which of its active compounds relieves gastritis, but some experts claim that this effect is due to its ability to destroy the pathogens that cause the disease.

How to prepare the natural remedy for treating gastritis and acid reflux?

The remedy with honey and aloe that helps to treat gastritis

The combination of aloe vera and honey is a natural alternative to classic medicines that relieve gastritis and inflammation. In contrast, the two ingredients do not cause side effects.

In addition to reducing heartburn, this remedy regulates the pH of the stomach and prevents damage caused by excess gastric juices.


  • 1½ cup of water
  • 3 tablespoons aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon honey


  • Rinse the aloe leaf in water, then make a cut in the middle.
  • Remove the gel from the inside with a spoon.
  • Mix the aloe gel with honey and water in a blender.
  • The amount obtained can be divided into two or three doses.

How to use it

  • At the first symptoms of gastritis, drink half a glass of this liquid, at most twice a day.
  • As a precautionary measure, drink half a glass after each hearty meal.
  • Remember that you should not exceed the recommended dose, as the laxative effects of the remedy can cause discomfort.

If you use this remedy and adopt a balanced diet, you will notice an improvement in just a few weeks. Try not to give up healthy daily habits so that the symptoms do not become recurrent.

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