Tibetan Elixir Of Eternal Youth And Longevity

You can follow this treatment for a month, twice a year. Its ingredients help prevent disease and keep your skin healthy, free of wrinkles. 
Tibetan elixir of eternal youth and longevity

This Tibetan elixir of eternal youth and longevity is a blend of three healthy ingredients. They offer the body many benefits and help regenerate skin cells to combat premature aging. It simply acts from within to keep you always young.

What are the ingredients of this Tibetan elixir of youth?

The wonderful Tibetan elixir of eternal youth and longevity combines three very simple ingredients: lemon, honey and olive oil. These three products blend harmoniously into a single recipe, forming a powerful remedy that helps prevent many diseases and removes visible signs of aging.

Properties of lemon

Cut lemon
  • Lemon is considered to be one of the most miraculous fruits, being able to heal the body and fight diseases. It helps eliminate toxins and is a very powerful natural antibiotic.
  • Lemon is an important source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential element for strengthening the immune system and preventing certain respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion, flu and asthma, among others.
  • It also contains vitamin P, also called the capillary permeability vitamin. It is responsible for strengthening the capillaries and walls of blood vessels.
  • Lemon is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, being at the same time an excellent source of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6).
  • Studies have shown that lemon is effective in treating over 150 diseases. This is due to its ability to eliminate toxins and keep away a large number of microorganisms that attack the body.
  • As it is also a rich source of antioxidants, lemon prevents premature aging of the skin and stimulates cell regeneration.  Therefore, it is understandable why lemon is a main ingredient of this elixir of youth.

Properties of honey

Tibetan elixir of youth with honey
  • Bee honey is considered to be one of the healthiest natural sweeteners thanks to its multitude of nutrients and beneficial properties.
  • Natural bee honey contains minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, phosphorus, zinc and selenium, but also vitamins A and C, as well as the vitamin B complex.
  • Honey is a powerful antibiotic, can fight various diseases: rickets, scurvy, anemia, intestinal inflammation, dropsy, constipation, rheumatism, headaches and dizziness.
  • It has a beneficial action on cells and is a strong and effective tonic for the brain.
  • Due to its antiseptic and antiviral properties, honey is recommended for treating infections and other problems such as the flu, swollen throat and muscle aches.

Properties of olive oil

Tibetan elixir of youth with olive oil
  • One of the best fats you could include in your diet is found in olive oil. It is rich in oleic acid which lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease.
  • It also contains other monounsaturated fatty acids that fight high blood pressure, improve blood circulation and prevent blood clots.
  • Olive oil contains hydrocarbons, sterols and tocopherols (such as vitamin E). These are key elements in preventing disease and stimulating tissue regeneration.
  • It contains smaller amounts of polyphenols (which give it its specific taste), carotene and chlorophyll, as well as other volatile organic components that help prevent disease and give it its characteristic odor.
  • Olive oil helps improve digestion, has antioxidant effects, is anti-inflammatory and promotes the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc in the body. No wonder it was included in the recipe of this Tibetan elixir of eternal youth.

How is this wonderful Tibetan elixir of eternal youth and longevity prepared?

By combining these three ingredients you will get a strong elixir. It strengthens the immune system, helps detoxify the blood, improves liver health and prevents many diseases. It also helps keep your skin young and healthy, preventing the early signs of aging.


  • 100 ml of fresh lemon juice
  • 200 g of bee honey
  • 50 ml of high quality olive oil

How is it prepared?

Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl with a lid and put it in the fridge. Serve one teaspoon of this elixir every morning on an empty stomach. Consume it every day for a month, twice a year. 

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