The Right Diet For Gastritis

This diet is low in fat, fiber and simple sugars, which helps to empty the stomach and reduce the production of gastric acids. Therefore, it helps to reduce the symptoms and discomfort caused by gastritis.
The right diet for gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach that causes discomfort, burning and even nausea and vomiting. People with chronic gastritis are often afraid to eat certain foods to avoid these consequences. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to make the right diet for gastritis. Read on to discover them!

What are the causes of gastritis?

How should the right diet for gastritis be structured?

A proper diet for gastritis consists of a nutritious and healthy diet, which reduces and eliminates the consumption of those foods that aggravate and irritate the stomach and increases the consumption of those foods that have a calming or positive effect on this organ.

By adopting a proper diet, it is possible to improve digestion, relieve pain and other symptoms, reduce inflammation and eliminate gastric discomfort. It is very important to remember that the doctor’s advice is always necessary in the treatment of gastritis.

Basic tips on the right diet for gastritis

Examples of daily diet for gastritis

  • Sweetened semi-skimmed milk / Yogurt
  • White bread with homemade jam / Biscuits / Two slices of white bread with turkey ham
  • 1 tablespoon skimmed white cheese
  • Grilled fruit or fruit compote / Peach, apple or grape juice / Fruit recommended by your doctor
  • Garnish: mashed pumpkin / boiled potatoes with Swiss cheese / rice with vegetables / macaroni with cooked ham or bacon, zucchini and eggplant.
  • Main course: skinless baked chicken leg / grilled beef / boiled hake / baked hake
  • Dessert: ripe bananas / peach in syrup / baked pumpkin / sweetened curd / burnt sugar cream made with skim milk
  • Tea or infusion with biscuits / Natural yogurt / Light fruits
  • Starter: green beans, carrots and boiled potatoes / vegetable puree / chicken noodle soup / baked potatoes
  • Main course: grilled chicken breast with steamed potatoes / grilled ham / grilled sea bream with boiled carrots / baked halibut / pumpkin omelet
  • Dessert: Baked Apple / Baked Pear / Fresh Quince Jelly Cheese / Vanilla Cream

Note: If you want to improve your digestion, drink more teas and infusions with strong digestive properties.

Finally, never eat more than necessary if you have gastritis. Use these recommendations as a guide and always keep in mind your personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Also, try to make your diet, as much as possible, as varied and balanced as possible. In addition, you can try to gradually introduce more foods if your health improves.

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