The Best Weight Loss Fitness Equipment

Discover in this article the best fitness equipment for weight loss! 
The best fitness equipment for weight loss

You’ve probably wondered at one point what the best weight loss fitness equipment is. Although gyms offer a variety of devices, not all are equally effective when it comes to burning calories and losing weight.

You don’t have to rely only on gym equipment, you need to have a healthy lifestyle, based on a balanced diet, to get the desired results.

Lose weight with fitness equipment

If you want to use a few weight loss fitness equipment, you need to know that they are only effective when used properly. Even if the best known are the treadmill and the medicine bike, there are others that can help you reach your goal.

The devices can be adapted for different exercises, but not all have the same effect. Some are more effective, but it all depends on the purpose for which we use them: weight loss, accumulation of muscle mass or acquisition of endurance. The more effort you put into the gym, the more calories you will consume.

It is advisable to always start with low or medium intensity exercises, then to accelerate the pace (or speed, number of kilograms or inclination).

The best fitness equipment for weight loss

1. Stationary bicycle

The most popular and efficient is the stationary bike, which you probably have at home and with which you can burn between 500 and 900 calories per hour.

The impact on the joints is minimal, and the exercises do not require any specialized training in advance. Just sit down and pedal. For maximum efficiency, the seat should be adjusted so that the bent knees are at a 90-degree angle.

The disadvantage of the bike is only the risk of getting bored of the same repetitive movements. If you know you get bored easily, listen to your favorite music. Or put the bike in front of the TV during your favorite episode.

After gaining more endurance, you can try to pedal with your feet up, your chest tilted forward for greater difficulty. Or you can try a spinning course.

2. Treadmill

With this device you burn between 450 and 650 calories per hour. Undoubtedly the treadmill is very popular among fitness users. To use it, you must first program a few parameters, so you will need some guidance.

The treadmill is slightly more versatile than the bicycle. You can walk or run, but you can also change the inclination to simulate the effort of running up the hill.

But you have to remember that the treadmill has a strong impact on the wrists, especially the knees. So choose the right shoes and use the treadmill only occasionally.

3. The stepper

Slimming fitness machines such as steppers

When you think of weight loss fitness equipment you should not forget the stepper, another ideal equipment for cardio exercises. With its help you will burn about 400 calories per hour.

It can be simple or programmable, with a few variations of exercises. In essence, the stepper has 2 small platforms for the feet and simulates climbing stairs. The intensity can be adjusted to be harder or easier to walk and you will get tired pretty quickly.

This device is especially recommended for experienced runners who want to improve their performance.

4. The elliptical bike

With a consumption of 300-600 calories per hour, the elliptical bike is a combination of the stationary bike with the treadmill and the stepper.

The movement practiced is in the shape of an ellipse, hence the name. But the impact on the knees is quite intense, so you should not use it if you know you have joint problems.

In addition, you need experience to deal with simultaneous arm and leg movements. Keep your abdomen tense and your back as straight as possible to avoid pain.

5. Hydraulic rowing machine

Rowing machine on the list of weight loss fitness equipment

The calories burned with this appliance amount to up to 700 per hour. Keep in mind that you are working your arms, back, legs at the same time and toning your abdomen.

This equipment simulates the movements of an athlete who handles the oars on a kayak or canoe. At the first movement, you bend your knees and push your oars forward, and with the second you pull hard, stretching your legs and tightening your back and abdomen.

Keep your back as straight as possible and take care of your knees and shoulders, as these are the areas most prone to injury.

Some rowing machines have programs for watching during exercise to avoid boredom. And if you work at a moderate intensity, the caloric consumption is higher than on the treadmill.

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