Sore Throat – 12 Natural Remedies

The sore throat is very annoying and does not let you rest. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that successfully combat it. 
Sore throat - 12 natural remedies

The sore throat is very annoying and does not let you rest. Your general health worsens when you feel severe pain every time you swallow saliva or food.

This pain may precede a cold or even angina. To heal yourself quickly and effectively, use the following natural remedies for sore throat.

What are the best natural remedies for sore throat?

All the ingredients are very easy to find and you probably already have them in the pantry or in the fridge. If not, you can definitely find them at the neighborhood supermarket.

Cayenne pepper

Gargle several times a day with a mixture of 1/8 tablespoon of hot pepper and half a glass of hot water. Be careful with the amount of pepper you use, as it is very strong and hot.


Salt soothes sore throats

Add a teaspoon of table salt to a cup of warm water and gargle every hour.

Apple vinegar

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of hot water. Let it cool a bit (as long as it doesn’t burn you) and gargle every 60 minutes.

Ginger tea

Ginger is an effective remedy for sore throat

Ginger must be freshly ground to take effect. Add three teaspoons of ginger to a cup of boiled water. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then add a tea bag and a tablespoon of honey.

Thyme tea

This infusion will relieve your sore throat in a few minutes. Prepare it using a tablespoon of dried thyme in a cup of boiled water. Strain, allow to cool and gargle.

Tea with honey and lemon

Sore throat passes with honey

Tea with honey and lemon is one of the most popular options and is very easy to prepare.

All you need is two tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a regular tea bag and a cup of boiled water. Allow the tea to cool slightly and drink it slowly. It will relieve your sore throat immediately.

Licorice root tea

Prepare an infusion of one or two pieces of licorice root. You can also chew licorice. It will relieve your sore throat.

Be careful when using it because, consumed in large quantities, it increases blood pressure. It is not recommended for pregnant women and patients with hypertension.

Baking soda and salt

Baking soda fights sore throats

Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with half a tablespoon of salt in half a cup of warm water. Gargle with this mixture several times a day.

Chamomile tea

This tea can cure sore throat. It helps you relax, soothes your stomach pain and warms you up on cold days. Chamomile tea tastes delicious.

Hydrogen peroxide

To fight the throat infection, gargle with hydrogen peroxide (3%). If you think it tastes too bad, you can dilute it with an equal part of water.

Other recipes to relieve sore throat

  • Boil three lemon leaves in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Turn down the heat and add a tablespoon of honey. Drink the preparation slowly before it cools. You can gargle with lemon juice mixed with water or honey five times a day. Don’t forget to brush your teeth to prevent the negative effects that lemon has on the teeth.
  • Boil two cups of water and a tablespoon of dried chamomile leaves for 5 minutes. Soak a towel in this liquid. Squeeze it well and apply it on the neck. Keep it that way until it cools. Repeat this procedure several times a day.
  • Make a shake from a tablespoon of pure bee honey, a cup of pomegranate seeds, a cup of skim yogurt, half a cup of blueberries and a cup and a half of banana slices. Mix all the ingredients in a blender until you get a smooth shake and drink it twice a day.
  • Put a dose of whiskey in a cup of warm water and gargle when necessary.
  • Cut an onion into slices and add it to half a liter of water. Add three tablespoons of sugar and let the mixture stand for 12 hours.  Drink a cup every two hours until the pain goes away.
  • Make a juice of 2 carrots, 4 stalks of celery, 1 clove of garlic and a little cumin. Mix well and drink twice a day.
  • Boil for 15 minutes 25 g of strawberries, 700 ml of water and 30 g of strawberry leaves. Add a tablespoon of honey. Strain and place the dish in a bottle with a lid in the refrigerator. Gargle every 45 minutes.
  • Wash and chop a handful of parsley, onion and a clove of garlic. Mix them until you get a homogeneous paste and drink one glass a day.

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