Postural Hygiene: Useful Tips

Postural hygiene helps you overcome the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on your spine. The less you move, the more your joints suffer.
Postural hygiene: useful tips

Postural hygiene refers to a series of recommendations for the avoidance of back pain, with adequate protection of the spine. This group of bones is of vital importance for daily life.

People tend to experience neck or back pain relatively frequently. It is true that these pains occur from different causes, but fortunately a very small percentage of them occur as a result of serious problems.

In many cases, the modern pace of life is a factor that influences the presence of pain, because the sedentary lifestyle is a circumstance that causes discomfort in the back and neck. Wrong posture also causes back pain.

In this article, we will analyze the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and the secrets of proper postural hygiene.

What are the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle?

General inactivity results in a sedentary lifestyle. This is associated with maintaining positions for long periods of time, always in the same position. Lack of change in position numbs the muscles and tendons.

Due to the conditions of modern life, people use road transport more often and take fewer walks. Motor vehicles are another element that increases sedentary lifestyle.

Due to busy schedules and lack of time, people active in the field of work perform less physical activity, which translates into a higher average weight. There is a global epidemic of obesity. Fatty tissue is not the only problem; sedentary lifestyle can also lead to muscle weakness.

Woman suffering from obesity
Obesity has become an epidemic due to the sedentary lifestyle, common in society.

What is postural hygiene?

You should sleep on your side and back. You should also use a single pillow, neither too low nor too high.

As in an upright position, you need to align your head and torso without putting your hands under your head or lying face down. The mattress is essential for good postural sleep hygiene, because a poor quality mattress will affect your spine.

You should only sleep in bed. It is counterproductive to rely on other furniture items, such as sofas and armchairs, that are not made for sleeping.

Postural hygiene in school children
School bags are a daily burden that children must learn to handle.

We recommend that you do aerobic physical activity several times a week. Examples include walking, running, swimming and cycling. In this way, you will balance your sedentary lifestyle. You should combine aerobic physical activity with muscle stretching exercises.

Even at work, we recommend that you be active whenever possible. And, to get to work, we recommend that you use the vehicles as little as possible. Even if you have to stay at home, you can do various activities to get moving. For example, walking while talking on the phone is a good idea.

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