Personal Freedom: Live The Way You Want

As long as you respect those around you, they have no right to criticize you if you do what you really want to do. The most important thing in life is personal development.
Personal freedom: live the way you want

Personal freedom is not something we all manage to enjoy in our lifetime.

In order to be free and do “what we want,” we need to know ourselves well, respect the people in our lives, and be intelligent and tactful.

It is not always easy to be that way. Sometimes responsibilities handcuff us and rob us of happiness, making our lives significantly more difficult. For this reason, it is essential to set certain  priorities.

You are not responsible for those who hurt you and try to rob you of your personal freedom. The burdens you carry on you and the chains that handcuff you are obstacles that inhibit your development as an individual. In today’s article we invite you to reflect a little on this topic.

Personal freedom means learning to listen to your heart

Throughout our lives, it is possible to keep certain things hidden, with the impression that this is the only way we can maintain a balance.

  • Your desires and needs remain hidden because you are afraid that your partner or family will not accept them.
  • You don’t say certain words for fear of hurting others.
  • You repress your desire to do something because “it’s not the right time,” “it’s too late,” or “everyone will laugh at me.”

We can say that, from a certain point of view, we live our lives focusing more on external factors than on our internal needs.

Personal freedom allows you to develop as an individual

Our needs can and must be in harmony with those of other people

It is not a proof of selfishness to want to satisfy your own needs and live according to your beliefs, values ​​and personality. Personal freedom means being able to do what you want, as long as you respect others.

  • For example, if you want to go on a weekend trip alone or with a friend, family or life partner, you should not take this as an insult. Happiness is based on trust and mutual respect.

Personal freedom is an indispensable element for any human being. It is essential to do everything in your power to get it.

  • You should feel free to choose what you want and what you do not want to do in any situation.
  • You should feel free to decide what you want both personally and professionally.
  • Freedom to communicate openly is indispensable. Your success depends on the existence of a harmony between what you feel, believe and do.

If there is a dissonance between these three key aspects, you will eventually have a very low self-esteem.

Do what you want with respect and intelligence and ignore criticism

As long as you know your limits and priorities,

  • If you have children, you know that they must come first. At the same time, you are aware of your obligations to your family. But these factors should not inhibit your development as an individual.
  • Personal freedom involves finding an ideal balance so that you do not become anyone’s slave. The things you do must be done with pleasure and passion, knowing that all the effort you put in is really worth it.

It is essential to exercise your personal freedom

1. Organize your priorities

I alluded to this aspect in the previous section. Priorities are aspects of our lives that we cannot give up. But we must keep in mind the following:

  • Priorities cannot completely dominate our lives. Life is not just work, nor can it be built around our partner or children. (In fact, it would be good to promote the independence and personal freedom of these people.)

Don’t set too many priorities. These are the most important: family, work and personal development (which is the subject of this article).

2. It is not a proof of selfishness to pursue your interests

Many people have difficulty accepting this reality. After all, how can we think of ourselves when others need us?

  • This approach is not correct. Here’s a healthier way of looking at things: “I care about myself and pursue my own happiness and well-being so I can give my best to others.”

3. Evaluate criticism received realistically

Your family may be surprised by the sudden change they notice in you. Why did you sign up for that online course right now? How did you decide to go on such a sudden long journey? Why are you leaving your spouse since you have been together for so many years?

  • It doesn’t matter what others think and you only need to give explanations once. Everyone has the right to be the architect of their own happiness. It is important to find a balance between your needs and what you want, believe and do.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to say, “I do what I want and I don’t regret anything.” This step is essential for us to mature and be free. Respect others, but don’t forget to respect yourself. Remember, personal freedom is not optional!

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