Microwave – Real And Fictitious Dangers

Heating food in the microwave is no more dangerous than other cooking methods. We just need to take some precautions.
Microwave oven - real and fictitious dangers

Numerous studies have been conducted over the years on the use of household appliances. Among these devices, the microwave oven and its potential dangers have attracted a lot of attention.

In today’s article we will present everything you need to know about the real negative effects of the microwave oven. Read on and remember!

How does it work?

The microwave is without a doubt one of the most wonderful modern inventions of mankind. Its advantages include:

  • Ability to heat food in just a few minutes
  • Ease of use
  • Save time
  • Reduced electricity consumption

Microwave ovens use a certain type of electromagnetic energy, using long-wave radiation, similar to radio waves. Any microwave oven contains a magnetron, ie a tube in which radiation of about 2,450 MHz interacts with molecules in food.

Hidden dangers to which the microwave oven exposes us

Each energy wave created by this device changes from the positive to the negative pole at each cycle, ie millions of times per second. This molecular friction generates heat.

2 real dangers to which we are exposed when using the microwave oven

Contrary to myths, the microwave is not a “clock bomb”. Many studies even suggest that it would better preserve the nutrient content of the dishes than other methods of cooking by heating.

But we must mention that this wonderful device is not completely safe.

Water overheating

A specific phenomenon of this device is the overheating of the water. When we put a pot of water to heat in the microwave, it reaches the boiling temperature without forming the characteristic “bubbles”. Thus, we do not know whether the water boils or not.

Sometimes the pot can explode when we open the oven door due to the sudden change in temperature. The incident can cause severe burns to the hands, face and neck.

Therefore, we must be very careful when using the microwave to heat liquids, including water for tea, coffee, soups or milk.

Contamination of food with toxic substances

Microwave in the kitchen

Heated in the microwave, certain containers release chemicals that seep into the heated food.  Some of these can be carcinogenic.

It is advisable to be careful not to use dishes that are not recommended for the microwave. If you need this device to cook something, it is best to use a glass container.

Fictitious dangers to which we would be exposed using the microwave oven

As long as it is used properly, the microwave:

  • Does not exceptionally alter the content of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids in food
  • It does not significantly alter the properties of breast milk
  • It does not turn preparations into carcinogens
  • It does not compromise the energy value of food
  • It does not emit radiation that endangers our health


Microwave heating food

The microwave is very efficient and can be used with confidence. But be careful what type of containers you put in it, avoid using excess water and carefully follow the instructions on the food packaging.

Remember, you need to take safety precautions even when cooking!

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