How To Treat Burns In Children

First, you need to keep the baby away from the source of the burn. Then you need to cool and wash the wound with soap and water. If the burn is deep, you should see your child immediately.
How to treat burns in children

We all suffered a burn at one point. However, you may be wondering how to treat burns in children. In addition to the fact that you must have a first aid kit at home, there are also a few steps and things to consider.

In this article, we will give you some basic tips on how to treat burns in children.


Burning hand
Among the most common domestic accidents, burns occupy a leading place.

Burns in children

How to treat burns in children by scalding
Children are one of the groups most at risk of suffering this type of domestic accident.

Burns in children require medical attention when they are extensive. In other words, if it affects more than 5% of the child’s body, he must go to the doctor urgently. In addition, regardless of their extent, you should take your child to the doctor for second and third degree burns.

In addition, depending on their location, some burns should be examined by a doctor regardless of grade:

How to treat burns in children

Doctor showing how to treat burns in children
If the burn is mild, you can easily treat it at home by applying cold and regenerating creams.

What not to do if you face burns in children

How to treat burns at home
You should avoid applying ice directly to the burn or remedies such as toothpaste to avoid complications.

In any case, do not forget that a child’s skin is delicate. Even if the burns are first degree, if the pain is severe or persistent, then do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician to rule out any major problems.

Moreover, never forget the importance of prevention. Although it is impossible to predict all domestic accidents, you can take certain safety measures to minimize the risk.

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