How To Relieve Anxiety In Children

Is your child upset or in a bad mood? Does his head or stomach hurt regularly? These can be symptoms of anxiety. Learn how to treat anxiety in children!
How to relieve anxiety in children

Anxiety is a normal response to a danger or threat. When someone experiences exaggerated fear, we are talking about an anxiety disorder. In today’s article, we will explain how you can relieve anxiety in children.

Read on to find out more useful information about anxiety in children, its symptoms and the best tips to help your children cope with fear to prevent the onset of a psychological disorder.

What is anxiety?

Child holding on to his mother

Anxiety is a basic emotion. In fact, we have all experienced anxiety at some point. Remember when you had to take your last college exam? Or that day when you had the interview for the job you wanted so much? You definitely know what it’s like to feel anxious.

Children begin to experience fears that can create anxiety around the age of two or three. Does a monster live under the bed? What would happen if my parents died? What if a thief broke into the house?

Even cycling and the fear of falling can create anxiety. The problem becomes serious when the feeling is so strong and excessive that it becomes a disorder.

Symptoms of anxiety in children

Anxiety in preschool children

Anxiety disorders

How to relieve anxiety in children

1. Help your child deal with his fears

Little girl going to kindergarten

4. Show your feelings

Happy child with his mother

School-related anxiety in children

If your child’s anxiety becomes intense enough and he cannot have a normal life, do not hesitate to go to the doctor together. The psychologist will help him face his fears and find their source.

Anxiety in children is more common than you might think. Like us, children sometimes feel threatened. Uncertainty creates fear, and we’ve all been through it. The important thing is for the little one to learn to manage fear and not let it control him.

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