How To Overcome The Loss Of A Loved One

One of the most painful and hardest to bear losses is the disappearance of a loved one.
How to get over the loss of a loved one

In life we ​​go through moments of happiness, doubt, despair, but also sadness caused by the loss of a loved one. Although we never feel ready to endure or overcome the loss of a loved one, it is a situation we can not avoid. It is necessary to learn to give up even the most important people in our lives.

There are several types of “loss”. You face it when you move to another school, when your parents break up, when you lose your job, when you move away from the people you love and others.

The stages of suffering

One of the most painful and hardest to bear losses is the disappearance of a loved one. You have probably heard of the stages of suffering that describe  the emotional path we all take when a loved one dies. These are:

  • Denial: when the person suffering such a loss refuses to believe or accept what has happened.
  • Anger: when that person  feels immense anger about the whole situation.
  • Negotiation: when he begins to understand what happened and  struggles to find a way to cope.
  • Sadness: this is the stage where you are truly aware that the loss you have suffered is permanent and irrevocable – it is one of the most critical stages of pain.
  • Depression: the stage that extends over the longest period, being also the most difficult and most difficult to overcome.
  • Acceptance: when depression gradually disappears and the grieving person begins to understand that life goes on, despite the loss suffered.

Even if these stages are not a fixed order, in general this is the natural evolution  of overcoming suffering. Of course, we will always remember the loss of a loved one with sadness and nostalgia. These feelings become less and less painful over time.

Time is the only remedy in such situations! We offer you other recommendations that could help you overcome the loss of a loved one and improve your emotional state.

Express your feelings about losing a loved one

Don’t worry if you’re angry today, resigned tomorrow, and you can’t stop crying the day after tomorrow. The loss of a loved one is not an event that takes place every day.

It is important to express your feelings whatever they may be. If you keep them in you, they will cause you pain, physical and mental damage, as mental health is closely linked to that of the body.

Make a list of all the good things in your life

The good things in your life help you get over the loss of someone

When you are depressed, you feel that your life has no meaning or that only bad things happen to you. It’s not like that! Keep a journal or make a list of all the important things in your life.

Don’t forget to talk about it with the glass half full or half empty! You will realize that even though you have lost a loved one, there are so many things left in your life that bring you happiness.

Try not to distance yourself from family and friends. They are the ones who love you and are by your side in difficult times. Talk to them about how you feel and if this is not enough, look for a good psychologist who will understand you and help you get over this pain.

Don’t put yourself down

Your partner can help you get over the loss of a loved one

Grief-stricken people sometimes struggle for years. Be careful not to fall into this trap, try to get involved in activities that lift your spirits, encourage you or simply distract you from suffering and depression.

Don’t neglect your health

Losing a loved one prevents you from sleeping well

In depressive periods it is normal to lose your desire.  But it is very important to realize that the last thing you need is to get sick. Take care of yourself, eat well, sleep, avoid alcohol and tobacco and do not take antidepressants unless prescribed by your doctor.


Although it is difficult, it is not impossible! Accept the feelings you have  and take into account our suggestions. Remember that your goal is to overcome this pain, reminding yourself that it will not last forever.

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