How To Grow A Lemon From Seed In 10 Steps

It is important to keep the soil moist after planting lemon seeds. But do not over-water it because you risk the seeds from rotting.
How to grow a lemon from seed in 10 steps

If you have enough space in the garden and you have wondered how you can grow a lemon, in the next article you will find out how you can use fruit seeds.

Thanks to its various culinary uses and medicinal properties, lemons are among the most popular citrus fruits in the world. They have a delicious sour taste and a high content of nutrients, which is why they can be included in various recipes and diet plans.

One of the biggest advantages of lemons is that they are very easy to grow and are available throughout the year. In fact, if you have enough space in the garden, you can grow your own lemon using fruit seeds.

Lemons do not require excessive care and you do not need to be a professional gardener to pick the fruits when they are ripe. The easiest way to grow your own lemon is to cut off part of the root of a mature shrub.

But many of us do not have this option, which is why in today’s article we want to present the necessary steps to know how to  grow a lemon with the help of fruit seeds.

Growing a lemon is a very pleasant and satisfying process, but keep in mind that you need to wait between three and six years for the bush to bear fruit. That being said, are you ready to learn how to grow a lemon?

Ingredients needed for the germination of lemon seeds

Lemon seeds can be planted initially in a pot and later transferred to the garden soil. The process is a long one, but the results obtained will not disappoint you. Here are the ingredients:

A lemon

To grow your own lemon

To grow a lemon with the help of seeds, you need to buy a 100% organic fruit, which has not been exposed to pesticides at all. Non-organic lemons tend to be sterile, so their seeds will not germinate.

If you do not have much space available in the garden or live in an area with a less favorable climate for lemons, we advise you to opt for the variety called Meyer – a small species of lemon usually grown for ornamental purposes.


If you do not want to plant lemon seeds directly in the garden, buy a small pot with holes for drainage. Lemons grow more in width than in depth, so opt for a wide guess.


As much as possible, buy soil and natural fertilizers.


Lemons need a lot of sunlight, especially at the beginning of germination. If you choose to plant the seeds in a pot, put it in a place where it will be exposed to sunlight throughout the day.

10 steps: how to grow a lemon from seed

Step 1

How to grow a lemon with few tools

Fill the pot with soil and add water until the soil is moist.

Step 2

Leave a few inches between the surface of the earth and the edge of the pot.

Step 3

It is not at all difficult to grow a lemon from seed

Cut the lemon in half, remove the seeds and suck until they lose their taste. Make sure the seeds are very moist so that they germinate quickly.

Step 4

Make a hole about 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the surface of the soil, insert the lemon seeds into it and cover with soil.

Step 5

Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to moisten the soil around the seeds.

Step 6

Cover the pot with a light plastic through which air can penetrate so that it keeps the soil moist. You can use a plastic wrap or a plastic bag in which you made small holes.

Step 7

A lemon needs a lot of sunlight to grow

Place the pot in a warm place where it will be exposed to plenty of sunlight.

Step 8

Make sure the soil is constantly moist. It also prevents the seeds from being exposed to excess heat or moisture to prevent them from rotting.

Step 9

The lemon seedling will come to the surface of the soil about two to three weeks after planting the seeds. Now you can remove the plastic to allow the seedling to breathe easier.

Step 10

It's really easy to grow a lemon in a pot

Check the condition of the bush every day. Eliminate any pests and add organic fertilizer to feed the lemon. When the shrub has grown enough, plant it in the garden and continue to monitor its evolution.

A lemon seed will not always germinate, which is why we advise you to plant more in the same pot. Doing so will increase your chances of getting the desired lemon. We hope that the information presented in this article will be useful to you and you will know how to grow your own lemon.

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