Habits To Avoid During Pregnancy

In this article, find out what habits you should avoid during pregnancy to be healthy and take care of your baby.
Habits to avoid during pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby, you will need to change certain habits to take care of your and your baby’s health. In this article, we present some habits that should be avoided during pregnancy. Don’t miss these tips!

Habits to avoid during pregnancy

In our daily lives, we often carry out activities that, in some cases, are not exactly healthy. When you are pregnant, it is important to be aware of these actions to avoid dangerous problems for you and the unborn baby.

Surely your doctor has already given you these instructions. However, you should read on to refresh your memory.

1. Smoking

One of the first tips that pregnant women hear is “Quit smoking.” According to the Spanish Pediatric Association, smoking during pregnancy can seriously affect a baby’s development.

2. Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is on the list of habits to avoid during pregnancy
Alcohol causes serious problems during pregnancy, causing developmental delays and malformations.

Another habit to avoid during pregnancy is alcohol consumption. If you are used to going out in bars with your friends, you should drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Alcohol reaches the unborn baby directly through the bloodstream. This substance is very toxic to babies.

Babies who are repeatedly exposed to alcohol can be affected by:

3. Consumption of raw fish

Sushi or any other raw fish dish eaten during pregnancy can endanger the unborn baby. Did you know that you can suffer from food poisoning or other types of infections due to parasites in raw fish?

Consult your doctor and follow his instructions on eating fish. An infection like the one caused by the anisakis parasite can endanger your health and pregnancy.

4. Insufficient water consumption

5. Long-term stress

Stress in women

Modern life causes people to do a thousand things a day. Because long-term stress can harm your baby, you should avoid any stressful situations during pregnancy. If you are stressed or agitated, try to relax by doing light physical activities, such as swimming or yoga for pregnant women.

Scientific studies have concluded that pregnant women who suffer from stress for a long time have an increased risk of their baby developing physical or mental illnesses, such as attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder.

6. Consumption of raw meat products

Bacteria that cause toxoplasmosis and salmonellosis can be transmitted by eating raw or undercooked meat (carpaccio, ham, raw-dried pastrami, etc.).

Although these diseases may not be serious for you, they can cause birth defects in your baby.

7. Consumption of raw eggs

If the eggs you eat are not completely cooked, you could get salmonellosis, an infection that can even cause a miscarriage. You should also pay attention to mayonnaise and other raw egg dishes.

8. Consumption of unpasteurized dairy products

Another habit to avoid during pregnancy is the consumption of unpasteurized dairy products. This is because unpasteurized milk and dairy products can contain bacteria and, among other diseases, cause listeriosis, a disease that can cause miscarriage or various problems for unborn children.

9. Following an unhealthy diet

Pregnant woman who knows habits that should be avoided during pregnancy
Proper nutrition will prevent you from gaining a lot of weight and will provide nutrients for the developing embryo.

A diet based on fat and sugar is not nutritious. In fact, it would not be beneficial for you even if you were not pregnant! During pregnancy, you should also avoid foods with saturated fats and empty calories, to avoid gaining too much weight.

This recommendation should not be followed only for the figure. Excessive weight gain is associated with problems such as high blood pressure (and the risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, among other conditions).

10. Excessive coffee consumption

Although the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology states that no link has been found between moderate coffee consumption (less than 200 ml daily) and premature birth and abortion, some studies have concluded that over 200 ml of coffee consumed daily may increase the risk of these problems.

11. Flight by plane

Although flying is not contraindicated in safe pregnancies, you should always consult your doctor before embarking on an adventure! In the first three and last two months of pregnancy, experts usually recommend avoiding flights.

If your pregnancy is problematic, you will not be allowed to fly during pregnancy to protect your baby. Consult your doctor before buying your plane ticket!

In addition to the list I have presented in this article, you should discuss with your doctor other habits that should be avoided during pregnancy to be healthy and protect your baby. If avoiding these habits seems very difficult to you, remember that in just a few months you will hold your baby in your arms.

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