Get Rid Of Mosquitoes With 4 Unusual Tricks

Did you know that the color of the clothing you wear can also help you avoid mosquitoes? Dark shades attract more of these insects, because they remain impregnated with carbon dioxide from the body. 
Get rid of mosquitoes with 4 unusual tricks

Surely you have tried different methods to get rid of mosquitoes. In addition to being very annoying, they can transmit various diseases.

As we already know, some people are more attracted to mosquitoes than others.

In this article, we present some tricks with which you can get rid of mosquitoes using natural methods. Although it seems surprising, these include essential oils, vitamin supplements and herbs.

Do repellent solutions really help you get rid of mosquitoes?

Repellent solutions do not always protect us from mosquitoes

Classic mosquito repellent solutions are quite problematic. They contain insecticidal ingredients such as DEET or permethrin which have the following disadvantages:

  • Some studies claim that these components can be harmful to health, affecting the central nervous system.
  • Some people are bitten by mosquitoes even if they use repellent.
  • Classic repellent solutions gradually lose their effectiveness, as mosquitoes can become immune to these products.

In today’s article, we offer you some natural, simple and effective alternatives, with which you can get rid of mosquitoes without endangering your health.

1. Essential oils

Essential oils are an excellent choice to prevent certain health problems in a natural, pleasant and safe way.

To keep mosquitoes at bay, opt for essential oils of:

  • citronella
  • Geranium
  • Blue eucalyptus

How do you use them?

  • Mix the essential oil with some vegetable oil (almond, coconut or jojoba) or a little moisturizer to apply the product on the skin.
  • Put the mixture in a flavor diffuser to drive mosquitoes out of a certain space.
  • Pour a few drops of oil on one of the clothes worn.
  • Mix the oil with water to get a spray. Shake the container well before use so that the water and oil mix well. When the smell disappears, spray again.

Always use a pure and accredited oil. Do not use oils that were not created for therapeutic use.

2. Marigolds can protect you from mosquitoes

Marigolds protect us from mosquitoes

To repel mosquitoes around the house, yard or office, plant a few marigolds in the area. In addition to having health benefits, these orange flowers can also function as mosquito repellents.

Plant flowers near windows or form a wall of these plants to prevent mosquitoes from approaching.

Interestingly, marigolds are also used as an ingredient in many products (creams, tinctures, gels) that can soothe irritations caused by mosquito bites.

3. Light colored clothes

Obviously, in order to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, we cover ourselves with as many clothes as possible, even if we know that these insects also attack through the material.

What few know is that the color of the clothes is also important. Dark colors attract mosquitoes because they retain carbon dioxide in the body. The light-colored clothes keep both mosquitoes and bees at bay.

4. If you have already been bitten, draw a cross on the skin!

You’ve already been stung and you see inflammation on your skin. In this case, we propose an old remedy, learned from grandparents, which has no scientific basis, but has a surprising effect.

With your fingernail, draw a cross on the sting, pressing so hard that you leave marks on the skin . You don’t have to scratch yourself, “draw” the two lines and you’re done, the bite disappears. In a few hours, nothing can be seen, neither the inflammation nor the marks left by the nail.

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