Foods That Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is caused by a deficiency of calcium in the bone marrow.
Foods that reduce the risk of osteoporosis

It is very important to know what foods can help us provide our body with the necessary dose of calcium and which ones reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

To reduce osteoporosis, we recommend that you include the foods presented in this article in your diet:

Foods that reduce osteoporosis

Fish and seaweed

The most suitable varieties of fish and seaweed that can reduce osteoporosis are: sardines, tuna, shellfish, shrimp and other similar foods.


Beans and other legumes are high in calcium and high in fiber. But it is important to know how to cook them correctly.


Broccoli prevents osteoporosis

The best vegetables for preventing osteoporosis are spinach, broccoli and mangold beets.

Walnuts and hazelnuts

All foods in this category are high in calcium, but the ones that contain the most are almonds. However, consume these foods in moderation, as they have a high number of calories.

Vitamin K

Salad prevents osteoporosis

Vitamin K stimulates the production of a protein called osteocalcin, which helps fix minerals in the bones. This vitamin is found in kale, broccoli and lettuce.

C vitamin

Vitamin C is an essential element in preventing osteoporosis, as it helps to form, maintain and repair bone structure . Foods rich in vitamin C are: citrus fruits, green bell peppers and kiwis, among many others.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in the body  – it is useless to consume foods rich in calcium, if not the body and provide an adequate intake of vitamin D. This vitamin is found in tuna, mackerel, fatty fish, salmon and certain cereals (in addition).

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in carrots prevents osteoporosis

This important vitamin helps us to have strong and healthy bones. It is found in large doses in carrots, zucchini, oranges and yellow vegetables and fruits.

Other recommendations to prevent osteoporosis

  • Avoid excessive salt intake, as sodium can lead to loss of calcium in the urine.
  • It is important to adopt a balanced diet  – this means that it is necessary to try several food combinations and monitor the caloric intake  of each of them. In this way you can prevent weight gain, another factor that can affect bone health.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of foods rich in phosphorus and protein; Although they are important for bone formation and health, excessive consumption can lead to bone loss.

We hope you find our article helpful in some  foods that reduce osteoporosis .

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