Foods Rich In Folic Acid

Although green leafy vegetables are the most popular foods rich in folic acid, you can also eat citrus fruits, lentils, broccoli or nuts to get this vitamin. In this article, find out which foods are rich in folic acid!
Foods rich in folic acid

Most people’s knowledge of folic acid is limited to the fact that doctors recommend it to pregnant women. But the truth is that we should all include this nutrient in our regular diet to be healthy. For this reason, you should know the main foods rich in folic acid.

Although it is available in supplements and industrial products, there are many ways to consume folic acid naturally. This is why we decided to talk about foods rich in this vitamin, which you should include in your favorite recipes.

What is folic acid?

Foods rich in folic acid
Consumption of foods rich in folic acid ensures an adequate number of blood cells and optimal cognitive development.

Folic acid is actually a vitamin, vitamin B9, which plays an important role in the formation of hemoglobin and cells. In addition, it plays an active role in the formation of bone marrow and is therefore essential for combating anemia.

The main sources of folic acid are green leafy vegetables, brewer’s yeast, legumes, nuts and whole grains. Unfortunately, folic acid is often lost when food is subjected to cooking methods. Therefore, it is difficult for the body to always absorb the dose it needs. It is essential that pregnant women consume folic acid to avoid placental abnormalities, anemia or fetal malformations.

The minimum recommended daily dose of folic acid is 100 mcg for men and 180 mcg for women. Women trying to get pregnant should consume twice as much for a few months.

The role of folic acid

Foods rich in folic acid

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables are the main sources of folic acid.

The one that stands out the most is spinach, which provides 63% of the recommended daily intake of folic acid. Mangold is in second place, and salad in third place.

Broccoli on the list of foods rich in folic acid
Broccoli is full of nutrients, including folic acid.

Avocado is rich in fiber, fatty acids and folic acid. One cup of this fruit contains about 30% of the daily requirement of folic acid.

Do you consume enough folic acid daily? If you are unsure, add the foods I mentioned above to your daily diet. In addition, if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, consult your doctor about the correct intake of folic acid.

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