Face Mask And Coffee Scrub For Tired Skin

We can take advantage of the benefits of coffee to alleviate the signs that give the face a tired and lacking vitality. Honey will help us hydrate it!
Face mask and coffee scrub for tired skin

A tired face needs nutrients to restore its radiance and vitality. Discover in this article how you can prepare a face mask and coffee scrub for tired skin!

Why do you have a tired face?

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Aging skin cells is one of the main reasons why our face looks tired, without brightness or vitality.

  • The skin of the face undergoes a progressive oxidation due to free radicals.

In addition, there is premature aging, which occurs for any of the following reasons:

Lack of hydration

  • It is essential to drink between one and a half and two liters of water every day, as mentioned in this study by the Spanish Society of Basic and Applied Nutrition.
  • Drink water outside of meals and especially on an empty stomach.

Lack of regular exfoliation for cell renewal

  • It is very important to clean the skin properly and with natural products.
  • It should also be exfoliated regularly to facilitate regeneration, improve elasticity, etc.

Lack of nutrients

Malnutrition affects the whole body. It does not always occur due to lack of food, but rather due to an unbalanced diet poor in:

  • Vitamins
  • mining
  • Fatty acids
  • Raw food

Excessive sun exposure

If we expose our skin to excessive sun and hours of maximum radiation, greater oxidation will occur.

Physical and mental fatigue


Exhaustion, nerves, stress and negative emotions affect our health and skin.

Lack of night rest

Try to sleep well for 7-8 hours every night and have a truly restful sleep.

  • The bedroom should be a comfortable and relaxing place, without lights and noise.


Smoking dehydrates the skin. In addition, as reported by the Mayo Clinic, tobacco accelerates the normal aging process.

Excessive use of makeup or poor quality cosmetics

These products block the pores of the skin and dry it, reducing natural brightness and hydration.

Face mask and coffee scrub for tired skin

Face mask and coffee scrub for tired skin


This beauty remedy combines two benefits.

  • We have a nourishing and revitalizing mask for all skin types due to its regulating and stimulating properties. For this reason, we will apply it once a week and let it act for 15 minutes.

In addition, the ground coffee base of this mask exfoliates the skin. When we go to remove it with water, we will take the opportunity to cleanse the skin.

  • We will apply it especially in areas with pimples or excess fat.


  • Half a glass of coffee (100 ml)
  • Two tablespoons of ground coffee (20 g)
  • 2 tablespoons pure cocoa powder (20 g)
  • Two tablespoons of honey (50 g)


  • Coffee. It is the basic ingredient of our remedy, having antioxidant, detoxifying, diuretic and stimulating properties. This is evidenced by this study conducted by the University of Chile.
  • Cocoa. Pure cocoa is rich in nutrients ideal for all skin types, because it does not leave oily skin. In addition, it is antioxidant (according to this research conducted by the University of Teramo, Italy) and prevents the negative effects of free radicals.
  • Honey. Honey is a nutritious food and helps maintain natural hydration.


  • We will mix all the ingredients well.
  • We need to get a texture that is easy to apply, neither too liquid nor too thick. We will add cocoa powder as needed.
Coffee jars


How to apply this face mask and coffee scrub?

  • We will put a thick layer of the mask on the whole face, including in the dark circles. We can also include the neck, an area that should be cared for in the same way as the face.
  • We will exfoliate and, in this case, we will avoid the eye contour.
  • We will wash our face well with cold water.
  • We will apply the toner and also the moisturizer that we use regularly.
  • We can perform this treatment once a week.

Be sure to try this amazing mask to restore the freshness and beauty of your skin!

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