Exercises For Swollen Legs In Pregnancy

Fluid retention and swelling of the lower limbs are very common discomfort in pregnant women. However, you can reduce foot inflammation with very simple exercises.
Exercises for swollen legs in pregnancy

Inflammation during pregnancy

Inflammation is the consequence of increased fluid retention. However, other factors can also influence it, such as high temperatures and a sedentary lifestyle.

As the pregnancy progresses and especially at the end of the day, the pregnant woman tends to develop swelling in the lower limbs due to fluid retention. In most cases, they are not serious or pathological. In fact, swelling of the legs during pregnancy is a very common symptom related to increased venous pressure in the legs and obstruction of lymphatic flow.

However , swollen legs should be tested when they are accompanied by high blood pressure or proteinuria (excess protein in the urine). In these cases, it may be a sign of other problems, which the doctor should evaluate.

Pregnant woman doing yoga
Although swelling of the legs is common during pregnancy, you can prevent and improve it with exercise.

In general, experts recommend that pregnant women exercise. It can reduce the risk of overweight and disorders such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, premature birth, varicose veins or inflammation. Also, psychologically, exercise can help prevent anxiety and depression.

When pregnant women exercise, they should take certain precautions, such as avoiding high-impact exercises and avoiding exceeding the physical activity time recommended by the gynecologist, for example.

Taking advantage of the benefits of water, a simple and risk-free technique to combat foot inflammation during pregnancy is immersion in water. It is very relaxing for pregnant women in the last stage of pregnancy.

In order to sink properly, the woman must sit in the bathtub with her legs horizontal and the water up to her waist. He can also do this if he has access to a place where he can sink to his feet with water up to his shoulders. The temperature should be about 32 ° C.

Prenatal yoga

If they want to opt for a guided activity, pregnant women can try prenatal yoga. This discipline can benefit them physically, mentally and emotionally, in addition to combating fluid retention in the legs. In this case, the famous yoga positions (or asanas) focus on all the needs of pregnant women.

The exercises we have shared are simple and are designed to minimize any discomfort during pregnancy. In addition to reducing the inflammation of the feet during pregnancy, they are beneficial even during childbirth. If you are pregnant, do yoga too !!

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