Eggshell – Surprising Uses

Eggshell plays a pretty interesting role in cosmetics. Sprayed and mixed with nail polish or enamel, it can strengthen our nails.
Eggshell - surprising uses

Most of the time, the eggshell goes straight into the trash. Did you know how many interesting ways this can be used?

Read on and you will find out more details.

Surprising things about the eggshell

  • Eggshell is composed of calcium carbonate, an ingredient in certain antacids. The shell of a medium-sized egg contains about 750-800 mg of calcium.
  • The shell makes up about 9-12% of the total weight of an egg and has pores that allow oxygen to penetrate and remove moisture and carbon dioxide.
Egg shell
  • The color of the eggshell depends on the species of bird that laid the egg. For example, white hens lay white eggs and brown hens lay brown eggs.

How can we use eggshell?

Like a natural bandage

The eggshell has a membrane (somewhat transparent film inside) that can be used to heal cuts and scratches. So, the next time you get hurt, why not try this treatment?

To enhance the aroma of coffee

If when you boil the coffee you add a little eggshell (a trick practiced for centuries), its bitter taste will be considerably reduced. Don’t forget to wash the eggshell well before inserting it and strain the coffee after it is ready.

As protection against pests in your garden

Soft-bodied animals, such as snails, cannot step on sharp pieces of eggshells, so this trick will protect your flowers from pests.

Eggshell: egg white

To give your tomatoes extra calcium

If you have a vegetable garden, you have probably noticed that tomato plants fail to support the weight of their own fruit. To combat this problem, many experienced gardeners are accustomed to inserting eggshells into the soil. Why don’t you try too?

As food

Many people eat eggshell to take advantage of its calcium content. All you have to do is crush an eggshell and include it as an ingredient in the food you prepare. The taste of the food will not be affected, and your bones will become healthier.

To stimulate seed germination

If you want to set up a vegetable garden, all you have to do is do the same as for tomatoes. Mix an eggshell with a little compost or fertilizer and introduce the resulting mixture into the soil. You can also try sprinkling eggshell on top of the soil and flowers or putting it in the compost.

To sharpen and clean kitchen utensils

Put an eggshell, as whole as possible, in the freezer and use it to sharpen the blades of your mixer. Simply fill the mixer bowl with water, insert the eggshell and turn it on.

To treat canine diarrhea

If your quadruped has eaten something it shouldn’t have eaten, you can mix eggshells with coffee grounds to make a powder. Sprinkle a few teaspoons of this powder over your dog’s food, and the diarrhea will go away in no more than a day.

Eggshell: eggs

As a mineral supplement

Put the eggshell soaked in a mixture of water and lemon juice and leave it in the fridge for a few weeks . Then add this peel to a fruit or vegetable smoothie, and your body will get more minerals.

To decorate your house

You can use eggshells to prepare ornaments for the Christmas tree. You definitely need a lot of patience. This trick is ideal if you want to save some money, and your children will have great fun.

To remove food stuck to plates

Crushed eggshell is very useful if you want to clean the pots and plates to which food has stuck. Next time you wash the dishes, why not try this trick too?

To strengthen your nails

Crush the eggshell until you get a powder, then mix it with a little nail polish. With each new application, your nails will become stronger. This remedy is ideal for women whose nails are difficult to grow or break very easily.

Eggshell: egg formwork

To improve the appearance of wrinkles

Crush a few eggshells, put the powder and water in a tray of ice cubes and put the mixture in the freezer. Rub your face with the ice obtained, and your wrinkles will become less visible.

As a face mask

Crush the eggshells in a mortar. Mix the powder obtained with an egg white and apply the substance obtained on your face. This mask will strengthen your facial skin.

To whiten your laundry

Some people use eggshell to whiten dirty laundry. Simply put an eggshell in a mesh bag, then insert the bag into the washing machine before starting. The stains will disappear immediately, and your laundry will be immaculate white.

To prepare candles

The next time you boil eggs, carefully open the top of the shell and set aside the empty part so you can use it as a candle shape in the future. Insert a wick, let the wax harden, then remove the eggshell. Your new candle will be wonderful!

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