Do You Think Too Much? Why Not Good

When you think too much, your brain can become unbalanced. If you feel that you are facing this problem, take a break and remember that everything that overwhelms you is only in your mind.
You think too much?  Why it's not good

Some people don’t think at all, while others have just the opposite problem. Of course, any kind of excess is harmful. Although it seems hard to believe, if you think too much, you risk suffering various negative consequences.

Are you the kind of person who always likes to split the thread in four? Do you lie in bed at night and can’t fall asleep because of your thoughts? Excessive thinking can become a terrible enemy, which is why it is important to change our behavior.

When you think too much, you risk missing out on new opportunities

When you think too much, you end up ignoring reality

Those who think too much spend most of their time in their own minds, ignoring reality. Because of this inertia, they pay too much attention to their own thoughts because they feel like they can’t get rid of them.

But many people choose to take refuge in their minds, dreaming of real adventures. But what do they do in real life? Why not try to put what you dream into practice?

It is very likely that these individuals will have very dull lives and, because they do not dare to act, will never have new experiences. Maybe they’re scared — but why?

When you think too much, you actually avoid thinking about the present moment. In general, our thoughts are focused on either memories or our plans for the future.

The biggest disadvantage of over-thinking is that it prevents us from living our lives. This action is passive. In order not to think unnecessarily, you must try to turn your thoughts into reality, into real experiences.

Thoughts and worries

A common problem of those who think excessively is worries. When you think too much, most likely something (or someone) worries you. All these thoughts and worries will lure you into a trap from which it will not be easy to escape.

It is not excluded to worry about things that, in fact, do not even deserve your attention. Maybe the problem is your insecurity.

When you think too much, you can become mentally unbalanced

For example, have you ever relived an event continuously in your mind? Maybe it’s an incident that upset you. Repeat the situation in your mind, considering the alternative routes you could have followed.

But there is no point in reliving the past because it can no longer be changed. Instead of focusing on what you have done, you need to focus on the present and move on.

A few tips to keep you from thinking too much

If you tend to constantly analyze your life, every interaction or every step you take, now is the time to stop. To do this, feel free to try the following tips:

  • Talk to a friend: This trick will help you stop your thoughts from moving into the past. Talk about your worries to get rid of doubts and avoid over-analyzing a situation that probably doesn’t even deserve attention.
  • Keep your thoughts in writing: The habit of keeping a journal can be a therapeutic and relaxing activity, allowing you to express your feelings openly. This trick will help you overcome overwhelming thoughts and see the situation with different eyes.
  • Distract yourself: You can use one of your favorite hobbies or try a new activity that has aroused your interest. Keeping your attention distracted, you will no longer focus on the ideas that have filled your mind. You can often think too much if you have too much free time.
  • Learn to say “Stop!”: If you can’t get rid of the thoughts that worry you, try to say “Stop!”. This word will help you turn your attention in another direction and overcome the situation. Repeat the word “Stop!” whenever you feel the need.
If you think too much, you may even suffer from depression

So, you’d say you’re used to thinking too much? It often happens that we give too much importance to things that are not worth it. If, for example, your best friend seems to have neglected you lately, you don’t have to conclude that he doesn’t like you anymore. Don’t be fooled by your own creations!

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