Discover 6 Hidden Symptoms Of Depression

You can avoid serious problems if you know the hidden symptoms of depression. Undetected in time, this condition can have tragic consequences.
Discover 6 hidden symptoms of depression

Did you know that a person can be extroverted and sociable, but still suffer from depression? Early detection of this disorder is essential to overcome it without too many complications. Therefore, we need to know the main hidden symptoms of depression.

Hidden depression, a serious problem

Woman crushed by hidden symptoms of depression

Although it is usually not difficult to tell if someone is suffering from depression or not, hidden depression is a very serious problem. Affected people try to hide their suffering, which increases the risk of complications. Symptoms become unexpectedly obvious when it is too late.

The underlying problem is ignored, especially by the person affected by depression. These individuals may begin to have suicidal thoughts at any time, but do not understand why. Successful attempts often occur. No one detected the alarm signals and the victim did not talk to anyone about his problems.

A person with hidden depression tries to be optimistic. He listens to music, goes for a walk and tries to overcome the situation through physical exercises. But the fear of rejection causes her to hide her feelings. If self-mutilating, it will strive to cover the parts of the body where it was cut, so as not to attract the attention of others.

Contrary to popular belief, extroverted and jovial people find depression more difficult than introverted people. In fact, experts have long believed that cheerful and very sociable people are less prone to depression. But the reality is different.

Why hide it?

Among the reasons many hide their depression is the shame or fear of losing friends or work. Some people are known as “happy people”, which prevents them from speaking honestly about their situation. So, we need to know what the hidden symptoms of depression are so that we can help those affected to overcome it.

The most common hidden symptoms of depression

Woman showing hidden symptoms of depression in the office

Demonstrations of joy or cordiality may be accompanied by painful memories. Past events may not have been completely overcome, even if the person in question does not talk about them in a sad way.

When a relative or friend tells you about the anxiety or stress that is grinding him, remember. Such details should never be overlooked, especially if they are new.

Diet modification

Woman showing hidden symptoms of depression at the table

Changing your diet can signal more problems. Although eating disorders and depression are distinct, they can be associated.

Such disorders may occur simultaneously or one of them may cause the other. Do not ignore changes in appetite. Talk to that person to show them that she is not alone and that she deserves help.

Favorite activities have become boring

When a person tries to hide the fact that he suffers from depression, he will lose interest in the activities that interested him before. These can arouse resentment. It is an alarm signal that there is a deep-rooted problem.

The first step in helping this person is to talk to them. Even if she doesn’t want to admit that something is wrong, this may be the first step in helping her get the treatment she needs.

Organized, but sad

People with depression frequently neglect their physical appearance, are constantly sad and do not talk much. But those with hidden depression can look very neat.

Permanent fatigue

Angry man sitting in bed

A clear symptom of hidden depression is fatigue without an apparent cause. Those affected will attribute it to weakness, laziness or overwork at work, but at the root of this symptom is a strong depressive state.


Depression does not just cause apathy, melancholy, despair, crying or sadness – emotions that extroverted people do not often show. Anger and irritability are also hidden symptoms of depression. These should not be treated as transient emotional states.

Irritability can be caused by the fact that people with depression continue to have responsibilities, even though they are exhausted. This symptom is often attributed to stress, but in reality it is a consequence of depression.

Lack of sleep

Anxiety during sleep, insomnia and night sweats are warning signs. If you notice that a person is experiencing these symptoms, you should consider anxiety. By carefully introducing this topic into the conversations you have with that person, you can discover the underlying issues.

At some point, people with depression begin to be more honest. For this reason, it is advisable not to live alone. They will need a listener when they decide to speak – this could make the difference between life and death. These are the times when you need to build connections and gain trust. Remember, people with depression need love and acceptance.

If you notice any of the six hidden symptoms of depression, do not hesitate to offer help to the affected person. The life of a loved one is valuable and worth saving.

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