Chestnut Recipes: 4 Delicious Dishes

Chestnuts are versatile and full of nutrients that have a positive impact on the body. Today, we want to share with you four tasty recipes that will fit perfectly into your regular diet.
Chestnut recipes: 4 delicious dishes

Autumn is the best time to harvest chestnuts, but you can find them in the local market or in grocery stores most of the year. These nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E and contain antioxidants, potassium, unsaturated fats and many other health-beneficial nutrients.

Chestnut recipes: 4 delicious dishes that you must try

Chestnuts are ideal for vegetarians or anyone who wants to eat a healthier diet. This walnut is perfect for baking cakes, making flavored butter, desserts and many other dishes.

Here are four recipes you will love!

1. Chestnut recipes: grilled or baked

Grilled chestnut recipes
Ripe chestnuts are the most common way of processing these nuts in most countries.

The traditional preparation of chestnuts involves ripening them. Prepared this way, you can add them to various dishes, such as pasta, rice, smoothies and sauces. It is also very simple to prepare them and you can use them as a base for many other dishes.

Necessary ingredients

  • Chestnuts (any quantity you want)
  • Salt (optional, to taste)

Method of preparation

2. Chestnut jam

Do you want to eat chestnuts for breakfast or as a snack between meals?

If so, then consider this chestnut jam recipe. Chestnut jam is excellent on bread, biscuits and pancakes, among others. In addition, you can add it to other tasty dishes.

Necessary ingredients

Method of preparation

3. Apple and chestnut cake

This apple and chestnut cake requires a little more cooking time than the two previous recipes. However, it is worth the time and work. Why? It is a delicious dessert that you can enjoy either as a simple snack or on the occasion of a family holiday. You will really like it!

Necessary ingredients

Method of preparation

  • The cake a

4. Pancakes with chestnut cream and yogurt

Pancakes and apples
You can use chestnuts to make various desserts, such as pancakes, but it is necessary to monitor your caloric intake.

Necessary ingredients

Method of preparation

Chestnuts contain protein, healthy fats and antioxidants that are great for your body. However, the caloric content of chestnuts varies depending on how they are prepared. So, try to eat moderate portions so as not to exceed your daily caloric intake.

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