Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Natural Remedies

The position in which you sleep is very important. Wrong positions block blood flow to certain regions of the body. To reduce the pressure on the joints, you can perform simple exercises.
Carpal tunnel syndrome - natural remedies

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition that is triggered by certain activities, such as working on a computer for several hours during the day.

There are many symptoms associated with this disease, including numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers. In this article we will present the main factors that produce carpal tunnel syndrome and the best natural remedies for this condition.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome and what factors trigger it?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the consequence of excessive pressure on the median nerve, which is located in the joint and is responsible for the movements and sensitivity of the palm and fingers. This nerve is a narrow “tunnel”, any inflammation can affect it, causing pain, weakness and numbness.

One of the main causes of carpal tunnel syndrome is overuse of the computer and other similar activities. In other words, typing for long periods of time, excessive mouse handling, repetitive movements at work, playing musical instruments, or playing certain sports are among the activities that can cause tendinitis or bursitis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can have several causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome generally affects people between the ages of 30 and 60, with men being more vulnerable than women. Additional factors that can trigger this condition are:

  • Alcoholism
  • Arthritis
  • Fractured bones
  • Cysts or joint tumors
  • Infections
  • Obesity
  • Water retention (caused by pregnancy or menopause)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the hands

The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are:

  • Numbness in the thumbs (depending on the activity that triggers the disease), forefinger or middle fingers
  • Tingling in some regions
  • Pain extending from the hand to the elbow
  • Difficulty performing accurate movements and coordinating movements
  • Difficulty carrying a bag
  • Feeling of weakness in the hands
  • Sensation of heat in the fingers or palms
  • Frequent numbness at night

Natural remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Consume a tablespoon of flaxseed oil for two to four consecutive weeks. The fatty acids in this product prevent and reduce inflammation.
  • Opt for foods rich in vitamin B6, such as potatoes, bananas, brown rice, chicken breast and green vegetables.
To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, adopt a healthy diet
  • Apply cold compresses on joints or hands to reduce inflammation. Never use hot compresses or towels, as these may worsen the symptoms.
  • Wet a little cotton wool with arnica paint and apply the substance on the affected area.
  • Dissolve two tablespoons of ginger powder in a cup of hot water. Cover the infusion and let it cool. Consume two glasses of this excellent anti-inflammatory.
  • Boil three tablespoons of fenugreek flour in a large amount of water for 15 minutes, so you get a paste. As soon as the paste has cooled, apply it on the painful regions.

3 therapeutic juices to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

  • To prepare the first juice on our list, you need a grapefruit, an orange and a slice of peeled pineapple. Wash the first two fruits and cut them in half, then squeeze the juice. Pour the juice into a food processor together with the pineapple slice. Process and strain the juice obtained.
    • Drink a glass on an empty stomach every three days (as a preventative measure) or daily (to treat pain and other symptoms caused by carpal tunnel syndrome).
Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with certain juices
  • To prepare the second juice, buy a turnip leaf and two green apples. Wash, peel and slice the apples. Put the apple slices in a food processor together with the turnip leaves and water. Process for a few minutes.
    • Drink a glass of juice every day.
  • The third recipe uses the following ingredients: a slice of peeled pineapple, half an apple and a thin slice of ginger. Cut the pineapple and put it in a food processor. Add the peeled apple (remove the seeds beforehand) and the ginger slice.
    • Drink a glass of juice every day, preferably in the morning.

Tips to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Maintain a natural and neutral body position: Try not to bend your hands and joints. They should be stretched as often as possible. If you spend a lot of time typing, the keyboard should be placed so that your joints are not in an unnatural position.
  • When opening or unscrewing container lids or lifting objects, try to use your entire hand, not just the first three fingers. Thus, the pressure exerted on the carpal tunnel will be reduced. When you are at work, vary your activities every hour so you can rest.
You may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome if you work in an office
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle: By following this advice, you will avoid both carpal tunnel syndrome and other circulatory problems. Get enough rest, exercise, don’t smoke, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and avoid fats and sugars.
  • Be careful not to adopt an improper posture during sleep: It is advisable to keep your arms outstretched along your body and your joints straight. If you sleep with your hands under your body, you may put extra pressure on them.

Exercises and other useful tips

  • Perform special joint exercises: These movements will help you improve your blood circulation and reduce the pressure on your joints. For example, hold your hands with your palms down and make circles with your wrists in any direction.
  • Another option is to stretch your hands and keep your thumb taut. Grasp your thumb with the opposite hand, apply light pressure and “stretch” your finger (perform this exercise five times and then change hands).
  • Other exercises you can try to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome involve stretching your fingers, clenching and untangling them, and squeezing a ball.
  • One last exercise involves lifting a light weight (no more than two kilograms), resting your forearm on the table so that your wrist hangs at the end of the table. To lift the weight, bend your wrist.
  • Use ergonomic objects: Ergonomic keyboards are very popular, but there are many other products of this type that you have at your disposal. These items help protect your joints, hands and elbows from excessive pressure.
To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, do not overuse the keyboard

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