Bodyweight Workout: Benefits

Did you know that you can train using your own weight without going to the gym? This form of movement is called bodyweight training. It is a type of training that has become popular due to its many advantages.
Body weight training: benefits

Bodyweight training has gained popularity because there is a lot of evidence of its benefits. This type of training, which proposes the use of your own body weight instead of equipment, is ideal for those who want to do sports anywhere and anytime.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is not strictly necessary to use gymnastic tools to develop muscular endurance and to strengthen your body. By practicing the correct postures and exercises, you can improve your figure and physical condition without leaving the comfort of your own home.

What is body weight training?

You may not have heard of bodyweight training, but you may have heard of calisthenics. Well, this type of training consists of an exercise routine in which the body works against gravity, so that its own weight is the tool used to strengthen the muscles.

In short, no gym equipment, weights or special equipment is needed. The body (and maybe a mattress or a pair of bars) is enough to work different muscle groups. It is even an effective way to increase muscle strength and firmness.

Body weight training: benefits

The popularity of bodyweight training is not only due to its followers. There is scientific evidence, such as a study published in Current Sports Medicine Reports, which supports its multiple aesthetic and health benefits. Here’s what this is about!

Man who uses bodyweight training
The increase in muscle mass generated by this type of training helps to reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.

A famous myth among many people is that you need weights and other tools to be able to work your body and gain muscle mass. However, weight training is very effective in building muscle, even in a shorter period of time.

Often, this training consists of closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercises, which are characterized by compound movements. One of the limbs (either the hand or the foot) is fixed on a firm surface and cannot move.

Therefore, the body uses several muscle groups and joints simultaneously, which allows it to strengthen. According to an article in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, weight training improves joint stability and increases muscle strength.

Workout with your own weight is the starting point for many exercise routines. There are several options and it is therefore ideal for beginners and advanced athletes.

It is important to have a good execution technique at each exercise to get results and prevent injuries. If in doubt, we suggest you talk to a professional coach.

As a general rule, sedentary people should start with light, low-impact routines while increasing their physical capacity. Then, they can gradually increase their endurance, until they manage to move on to more complex workouts.

Girl doing weight training
This way of training does not require expensive equipment and no fixed schedule or a gym membership.

Bodyweight training: how to get started

  • Board
  • squats
  • The bridge

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