Acne And Blackheads – 3 Remedies With Green Tea

Apple cider vinegar can reduce the appearance of pores, remove blackheads and balance the skin’s natural pH.
Acne and blackheads - 3 remedies with green tea

Acne and blackheads are problems that can affect anyone, regardless of age.

Nowadays, you no longer have to be a teenager to suffer from this annoying condition.

Acne and blackheads have become so common that there is an entire industry that produces all kinds of creams and treatments on the conveyor belt to remedy them. Fortunately, you don’t need to resort to expensive — and potentially harmful — products to get clean skin again.

All you need is one special ingredient: green tea.

In the following we will present you three simple remedies based on green tea, which will quickly get rid of acne and blackheads.

3 remedies based on green tea to treat acne and blackheads

1. Mask based on white clay and green tea

Acne and blackheads can be treated with mud

Have you ever heard of the beneficial effects of white clay in terms of skin care? Also called “Kaolin”, white clay is an ideal base for many beauty treatments. This product has cleansing and disinfectant properties, which makes it ideal for treating acne and blackheads.

A mask based on white clay and green tea has astringent properties, useful to attack acne and blackheads and help the skin to look healthy and radiant.

Where can you buy white clay? Look in plafare or health food stores. This product is not expensive at all, in fact, it is really cheap! You will find it in powder form, but it is not at all difficult to use it to prepare the mask.

To try the next treatment, the first thing you need to do is make a strong tea, using three bags of green tea and half a cup of water. We advise you, as much as possible, to use only chlorine-free water, but do not worry if you do not have such water available.

Mix the tea obtained well with the white clay powder, until you get a paste thick enough to apply on the face. While applying your mask, pay special attention to those regions where acne and blackheads occur most frequently.

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. We advise you to apply this treatment twice a week.

2. Toner based on green tea and apple cider vinegar

You need to wash your face to get rid of acne and blackheads

The following toner can be applied at night, three times a week. Combined, the two ingredients from which it is prepared make up an essential mixture to fight acne and blackheads, which you should not hesitate to include in your daily beauty routine.

How can apple cider vinegar help you in this regard? Apple cider vinegar is useful against inflammation and blackheads, while promoting the balance of skin pH.

To prepare this toner you need a little green tea. Using a little less than half a cup of water, boil three bags of green tea and wait until it boils. Then add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Put the obtained toner in the refrigerator and leave it there for three days. Shake the bottle well and spray your toner on your face. Leave it on for at least half an hour, then rinse well with water, apply your usual moisturizer and go to bed. It’s not hard at all!

3. Green tea steam bath

Steam baths can eliminate acne and blackheads

The next version of the famous steam bath is as light as the original and can help you get rid of acne and blackheads completely. Just follow the steps below and your skin will be flawless again. It’s not hard at all!

Heat a pot of water until it boils, then add three bags of green tea. As soon as it boils, place your face over the pot and cover your head with a towel to catch the steam. Don’t forget to turn off the heat and make sure the steam is at a bearable temperature.

Be careful not to bring your face too close to the pot, the steam could burn you.

Let the steam penetrate your skin. You will feel great and, if you apply this trick twice a week, the long-dreamed results will not be long in coming.

As a last piece of advice, we suggest you do not hesitate to take advantage of the benefits offered by green tea in the traditional way, ie to consume it as an afternoon drink.

This tea can attack acne and blackheads on the inside. So, are you ready to try the tricks in this article?

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