A Son Is A Treasure

Although boys tend to be more independent when it comes to your son’s education, it is essential that you understand his needs in advance and that you can communicate openly with him so that he can learn to trust you.
A son is a treasure

A son is a treasure for his mother and father, who will find a part of himself reflected in it. They will try to offer the world a brave and happy young man, ready in turn to bring happiness to others.

Every child — whether boy or girl — is a treasure. We must love our sons and daughters equally. However, a son is often a unique challenge and we need to consider certain aspects in order to help him grow harmoniously.

Children are never indigo children of their parents. These little ones have their own personality and voice, which is why we need to take on the role of guides in their lives and help them become responsible, mature and happy. In today’s article, we invite you to reflect a little on this topic.

A son is a treasure – the trials and strategies of his upbringing

The tips we will present to you below should be tailored to your child’s personal needs, but they are basic ideas that will help you be a better parent. A son is a treasure to be cherished.

A son is a treasure to his parents

Do not teach your son that he must be “the strongest,” “smartest,” or “the bravest,” but encourage him to be himself.

As mentioned above, a mistake that many parents make is to fall into the trap of gender stereotypes.

Some want their son to be the best football player in the neighborhood, the smartest kid in his class, or the bravest boy in his group of friends. But these priorities are detrimental to the harmonious development of the child.

  • A son is a treasure and must be treated the same as a daughter: he must be allowed to behave as he wishes, to occupy his free time with what he likes and to pursue his own dreams and interests.
  • For example, if your son is not interested in a certain sport, do not force him to practice it.

It is essential to understand that a child is not an indigo copy of his parents. We can talk to our son about our hobbies, try to guide him in a certain direction and expose him to various things, but it is unacceptable to force him to do something he does not like.

A son has the right to be sad

Boys are not born stronger than felines, nor are they invincible. Another mistake many parents make is to tell their son, “Don’t cry, you’re a man and you have to be strong, not shed tears.”

  • Like girls, boys need to express their emotions. If your son feels the need to cry, allow him to do so.
  • Emotional communication is essential in raising a son. Try to establish a relationship based on trust with your son from the beginning.
  • Don’t laugh at the things your son shares with you. His ideas, dreams, emotions and desires are of paramount importance to him. If the little one feels that you are criticizing him or making fun of him, he will most likely stop trusting you.
A son is a treasure

A son will want to have personal space very early

Sons tend to oscillate between the need to feel attached to their parents and to be pampered by them and the extreme desire to be left alone in order to exercise their rights and feel free. They want to become independent from an early age.

  • A son reacts negatively if you simply forbid him something. You need to make him understand why he is not allowed to do certain things.
  • Also, if you want to have more space and certain rights, it is important to take this opportunity to teach your son to be more responsible.
  • As you would if you had a daughter, you should encourage your son to take on responsibilities from an early age.

For his own good, your son must feel that he has responsibilities. Let him tidy his room or help with general cleaning. Allow him to be responsible for the condition of his pet or toys.

A son is a treasure for the mother

A son is a treasure, but also a challenge

The child’s education must be based on his needs. It is essential to maintain good emotional communication between you. Only then will your son always trust you.

Respecting his personality and interests every day, you will give the little one an example of behavior that he can emulate in order to become independent and mature. Thus, he will be able to follow his dreams, knowing that you will always be with him.

Don’t make the mistake of treating your children differently!

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