8 Body Sounds That Should Not Be Ignored

Although we tend to consider them normal, certain sounds produced by our body can signal the presence of a health problem. So we must not overlook them.
8 body sounds that should not be ignored

Did you know that there are various body sounds that you should never ignore?

The human body is the most perfect machine in existence. He is so wise that every time there is a problem at his level, he can warn us. Unfortunately, we are rarely aware of these alarm signals and generally ignore them completely.

The signals transmitted by our body are often in the form of sounds. It can be banging, ringing in the ears, snoring, noises in the stomach and more.

In today’s article we present you 8 sounds produced by the body that deserve all the attention.

1. Cracks in the legs

Woman noticing sounds produced by the body

This type of sound can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Muscle fatigue, which could be accompanied by congestion of blood vessels and wear and tear of the knee joints due to overload.
  • The anatomical features of the ligaments and meniscus, which, although they do not affect the mobility of the legs, produce very noticeable noises.
  • Days characterized by excessive movement, especially if the body is unusual with a lot of physical effort.

In most cases, these cracks do not signal the existence of a problem. But if they are accompanied by pain or inflammation, it is important to consult a doctor.

We must undergo a medical examination because the cause of the sound could be a ruptured ligament of the meniscus or even arthritis.

2. Constant snoring

Sounds produced by the body at night

Snoring is generated by the vibration of the airways when air circulates through the mouth or nose.

Despite the fact that it is very common, doctors know that, in general, snoring is based on a type of obstruction or blockage in the nostrils, mouth or throat.

Here are the main causes of snoring, which should make you make an appointment with your doctor:

  • Loss of neck muscles
  • Obesity
  • Reactions to certain drugs
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Blockage of nasal passages
  • Sept. deviation

3. Cracking of the jaws, on the list of body sounds that should not be ignored

Sounds produced by the body when you listen

Sometimes the jaw cracking is caused by the movement of the temporo-mandibular joint. Sometimes this joint can be affected by arthritis.

Cracking of the jaws can also be a consequence of bruxism (the unconscious habit of gnashing of teeth), tooth decay or the presence of high tension on the face.

Regardless of the cause, we advise you to consult a specialist.

4. Noises in the ears

Sounds produced by the body perceived in the ears

Often that hum that we perceive in our ears disappears on its own, without treatment. But if such sounds appear constantly and do not disappear easily, it would be good to go to the doctor. Unusual noises in the ears can be caused by an infection or disease of the inner ear.

5. Intense crackling during sleep or waking up

Sounds produced by the body in the morning

This type of noise appears suddenly. In general, it is short-lived and very annoying. The causes of these intense cracks are still unknown.

6. Cracking of the shoulders

Sounds produced by the body and accompanied by pain

In this situation, the bangs could be caused by:

  • Tendinitis, ie inflammation of the tendons due to a blow or excessive wear
  • Bursitis, ie inflammation of the sac between the bone and the shoulder tendon
  • Rotary hair ruptures

7. Cracking of the elbows, among the most ignored sounds produced by the body

Sounds produced by the body at the elbow

Cracking of the elbows can signal a mechanical problem in the joints. Among the causes of this symptom are:

  • An inadequate diet, which alters the composition of bones and joints
  • Localized infections
  • Metabolic problems
  • Injuries caused by severe blows
  • Sedentary or overworked and wrong movements

In such situations, if the sounds persist for a long time and are accompanied by pain and inflammation, consult a doctor for proper treatment.

8. Neck cracks

Patient hearing body sounds

Cracks in the neck can be much more serious than we suspect. They are often a symptom of a neurological problem that affects tissues, such as Parkinson’s disease.

At the same time, this sound can be caused by an increase in the size of the thyroid cartilage. In this case, the bangs will disappear and the problem will be fixed on its own.

Remember that if the 8 sounds produced by the body are accompanied by inflammation or pain, it is essential to get proper treatment. Talk to your doctor, do not follow any treatment without his advice and do not try to diagnose yourself.

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