7 Tricks For A More Organized House

Although you may feel well surrounded by disorder, you will gain a lot if you become more organized, including psychologically. When there is order in the house, you are calmer and it is easier for you to think.
7 tricks for a more organized house

Clutter does not just mean the existence of objects scattered throughout the house. This is a real “lifestyle” that often causes confusion and tension. We want to help you avoid these inconveniences, which is why in today’s article we offer you some tricks for a more organized house. The tips below can be applied in other environments, such as the office.

Disorder is a learned behavior

For some people, being disorganized is an advantage. They do not have to spend hours cleaning and, paradoxically, the chaos that surrounds them allows them to find what they are looking for more easily.

But if we want to have a more tidy house and a harmonious family life, it is important to keep order. Thus, we will become more efficient.

The human mind needs order to think correctly. So, if your office is covered in papers, folders and books, it will be very difficult for you to focus on a specific task. As a result, you will not be as careful as you would like.

The following tricks for a more organized home offer many benefits. Of course, they require you to change your habits, which takes time and effort. But the benefits gained are commensurate.

Few things are more satisfying than going home and seeing that everything is where it should be. Or have guests and not have to quickly hide objects scattered around the house in the closet.

It takes time to organize your home, but as soon as you get used to it, it will be much easier for you to perform this task. In addition, you will get rid of tension and stress!

The best tricks for a more organized home

The following weekend, reserve a few hours to organize your home and put the objects where they belong. Of course, you have to be consistent. Once you see how good everything will look, we are sure that you will be eager to make an effort not to be disorganized.

1. Start with one room

Woman who needs tricks for a more organized house

If you want to have a tidy house, you can’t organize all the rooms at once. It starts with a specific room, such as the living room. It is best to tidy up the first room you step into when you enter the house (it could be, for example, the kitchen).

  • See what objects are out of place and fix the situation.
  • Take these items back to the room they normally should be. That way, when you get to that room, you’ll be able to arrange them.

2. Each object must have its place

Cooking utensils and food should be kept in the kitchen, books and magazines in the library, clothes and shoes in the closet and so on. The advantage of setting a specific place for each object is the ease of finding what you are looking for later.

If, for example, you need a coat, you will look for it close to the door, not on the couch. This way, you will save the time that you usually waste when you are in a hurry and you do not know where you put a certain thing.

3. Follow an organization plan

The need for tricks for a more organized house in the office room

One of the best tricks for a more organized home is to establish a monthly cleaning plan. Put all the dirty clothes in a laundry basket, then put them in the washing machine. Fill the garbage bags, make the bed, put the clean clothes in the closet and arrange the furniture.

If you follow a fixed plan every month, the cleaning will be much easier. Remember, in order to be organized, you need a certain strategy. This way, you won’t waste an entire week cleaning.

4. Throw away things you no longer use

You probably have a lot of things you don’t use anymore. Maybe those objects are old or, for one reason or another, you don’t need them anymore. In this case, it is advisable to throw them in the trash. Another option is to repair them (if possible) or donate them to an NGO.

Accumulation of objects is one of the main causes of disorder. Those that do not have a specific place tend to end up on the floor, on chairs or in the corners of rooms.

5. Clean even objects that are just a little dirty

Room that needs tricks for a more organized house

To have a more organized home, consider the following golden rules: ” If you use it, put it back,” “Wash dirty clothes,” and “Fix everything you’ve bothered.” The whole family must follow these rules.

If cleanliness finally reigns in your home and every object is in place, it is not difficult to maintain order. But all you have to do is change your habits. Understand the benefits of organizing.

6. Use file boxes and cabinets

We often keep unnecessary items that, for sentimental reasons, we do not want to throw away or donate. Even if we do not use them, we consider them “necessary”.

To avoid clutter, it’s a good idea to buy decorative boxes or reuse old boxes (like the ones left over from purchased electronic devices). With the help of these accessories, you will keep the domestic chaos at bay.

Don’t forget to use labels to know what’s in each box. Then put these boxes under the bed or in the closet. You can even place them in the garage or on some shelves.

7. Buy new furniture

Couple implementing tricks for a more organized home

Maybe the clutter in your house is the fact that you don’t have enough storage space. This does not mean that you have to fill your home with furniture or use newly purchased furniture as an excuse to buy unnecessary things. But by applying this trick, you will no longer have to overload your closets.

Do not hesitate to apply the 7 tricks for a more organized house presented in this article!

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