7 Recipes For Dinner To Help You Lose Weight

We have prepared 7 recipes for dinner that will help you lose weight in a week, without starving yourself.
7 recipes for dinner that help you lose weight

If you are looking for healthy, balanced, nutritious and delicious dinner recipes to lose weight and improve your health – without feeling hungry – here are some simple ideas for the whole week.

You can create many other delicious and healthy recipes based on the ideas we present. No flour and harmful fats.

Dinner is a key element in weight loss

When we plan to lose weight without starving ourselves, we need to focus on dinner. Dinner is the meal that has the most to do with fattening and gives birth to the “belly”. We usually do not use the calories we consume during dinner. As a result, our body stores all this energy in the form of adipose tissue.

For this reason , we should opt for meals full of raw or cooked vegetables, accompanied by easily digestible proteins and healthy fats. This combination of nutrients stimulates the metabolism, so that we can burn more calories and, at the same time, rest well and recharge our batteries during the night.

But to achieve this, we must eat early, at least 3 hours before bedtime. If we get hungry before going to bed, we can serve a cup of tea, a glass of vegetable milk (oats or almonds) or even eat an apple or a pear.

Why not skip dinner?

People who choose to skip dinner altogether or follow low-calorie diets make an unnecessary sacrifice. Not only will this not help them lose weight, but it will have the complete opposite effect when they start eating normally again. Their body will completely reduce energy consumption and will begin to store all possible reserves during meals, as a survival mechanism.

The key to success is choosing the right foods, eating in moderation and giving up calculating the calories we consume. The end result will be effective weight loss without suffering and sacrifice. In just one week, we will notice the positive effects.

7 recipes for dinner for the  whole week

Monday: Pea cream soup with vegetables

Recipes for cream soup dinner

Consumed hot or cold, pea cream soup with seasonal vegetables is one of the best recipes for dinner because it is healthy and filling. You can prepare it with your favorite vegetables and, when possible, add a garnish of legumes for a bonus of protein and fiber.

Peas are one of the best legumes we can serve for dinner. It is easy to digest and has a delicious aroma.

Tuesday: Gazpacho and chicken

Gazpacho is a vegetable soup given by blender (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, garlic). It is ideal for hot nights or when we need a surplus of vitamins and minerals.

We can take advantage of the light consistency of this recipe for dinner by serving it with chicken or turkey, prepared in the oven or on the grill. It is a perfect combination that we will easily digest. This dinner is also perfect even after a session of intense physical activity.

Wednesday: Salad and hummus

Recipes for hummus dinner

Chickpeas are a very nutritious legume. However, many people cannot digest it, especially at night. This is why we recommend hummus, a soft paste made from chickpeas and tahini. It goes very well with a salad.

Thursday: Grilled fish with pineapple

Fish is a low-fat animal protein, which makes it a perfect choice for recipes that help you lose weight. We can grill it with a few slices of pineapple. Pineapple is ideal for stimulating the digestion process of fish.

Friday: Quinoa and guacamole

Quinoa salad

Quinoa are high-protein grains, much more suitable for evening recipes than other cereals, such as rice. For this recipe we suggest combining quinoa with fresh guacamole. Guacamole provides vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats.

Saturday: Pizza with chickpea flour top

Do you like pizza? Pamper yourself with it on Saturday night, but use chickpea flour to make the dough. This recipe is healthier and more suitable for weight loss.

Sunday: Smoothie with greens and omelet

Recipes for French omelet dinner

On Sunday we can recover from all the excess of the weekend with a delicious and detoxifying green smoothie, along with a French omelet. The simplest option can be the most satisfactory. It will help us to rest better to start the week full of energy and vitality.

Prepare these recipes for dinner and eat them every day of the week to lose weight healthily!

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