7 Foods To Fight Hypertension In 15 Days

Hypertension is influenced by several factors, and one of them is diet. Find out the 7 foods that help you lower your blood pressure in just 15 days. 
7 foods that fight hypertension in 15 days

Hypertension depends on several factors. Undoubtedly, nutrition plays a key role in regulating blood pressure. Discover some foods that fight hypertension in no time.

It is important to pay attention to one of the most feared enemies of cardiovascular health. High voltage is often neglected, but it is the one that sends you the first warning signals.

It is never too late to change your habits. Exercise more, manage stress better, quit smoking and, of course, adopt a healthier diet.

Today, we offer you the following solutions: avoid salt consumption and introduce the following 7 foods in your daily diet. If they are accompanied by exercise, they lower your blood pressure in just 15 days.

It’s worth a try!

1. Beets on the list of foods that fight high blood pressure

Beets on the list of foods that fight hypertension

Both nitrates and beet nitrites are basic compounds for metabolic activity and especially for regulating blood pressure.

Nitric oxide helps to dilate the arteries. Therefore, all foods rich in nitrates are very useful for improving the health of the cardiovascular system. 

Beets are the best ally to regulate your blood pressure. Eat them raw in salads or juices, along with other ingredients such as apples or grapes. It’s delicious!

2. Garlic

Before it became such a popular food, garlic was used as a medicine. In ancient Greece, crushed garlic was used to treat wounds and lower blood pressure.

In addition, garlic reduces cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels,  being an essential ingredient for the body’s health.

Eat garlic daily, especially in the morning.  Nothing is healthier than a clove of garlic on an empty stomach.

3. Omega 3 fatty acids

Fish oil, avocado and extra virgin olive oil are foods that fight high blood pressure, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, some healthy fats beneficial to the heart.

Omega 3 fatty acids maintain the strength and elasticity of blood vessels, improving circulation and preventing hypertension. Dohosahexaenoic acid, for example, should not be missing from the diet of people suffering from hypertension.

So don’t forget to serve salmon for dinner, sprinkle some flax seeds in salads and include a handful of nuts in the breakfast menu. These foods that fight hypertension offer many other benefits to the body.

4. Forage cabbage

It has a strong taste, is difficult to chew and is not to everyone’s liking. Even so, it is advisable to eat this vegetable at least once a week.

Cabbage is a real “superfood” that contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than spinach. However, the reason why it helps to lower blood pressure is the rich content of magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. All these nutrients fight hypertension.

5. Oats

Oats fight hypertension

Oats are a cereal rich in fiber, low in fat, but also in sodium, a mineral that leads to high blood pressure.

Flakes, but also oatmeal is an ideal choice for the daily diet, whether you choose to eat these foods for breakfast or as ingredients in bread or cookies.

Mix oats with honey and fruit to enjoy maximum benefits.

6. Bananas

Bananas are foods that fight hypertension

A single banana contains a huge amount of potassium. In fact, if you eat one banana a day, you get the full recommended daily dose.

As we already know, potassium is essential for maintaining kidney health. While sodium causes inflammation and water retention, potassium stimulates blood circulation and has a diuretic effect. 

In addition, bananas are also an important source of energy. So why not eat this fruit more often?

7. Greek yogurt

Foods that fight hypertension such as yogurt

Yogurt contains two ideal nutrients to treat hypertension: calcium and probiotics. 

Calcium deficiency leads to a temporary increase in blood pressure. Therefore, a serving of yogurt is the perfect solution to provide the body with the necessary dose of calcium and probiotics.

Remember that a strong and healthy intestinal flora facilitates the absorption of nutrients and helps cleanse the blood of toxins, preventing them from circulating freely throughout the body.

Include these foods in your diet and don’t forget to see regular medical checkups to hack this silent killer: hypertension.

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