7 Exercises That Thin Your Waist In The Shortest Time

7 exercises that thin your waist in the shortest time

Thinning the waist is not an easy task. Burning fat requires a diet and physical training. Unfortunately, abdominal fat is even harder to remove than that found in other parts of the body. However, nothing is impossible. In today’s article, we present 7 exercises that thin your waist and help you get the desired figure.

Why do we have “coils” of fat?

The main factors that condition the accumulation of fat are diet and sports. But there are other elements that lead to the formation of detestable fat coils. These include organ functioning, stress or hormonal problems.

In the lines below we present you 7 exercises that thin your waist in the shortest time.

Exercises that thin your waist

1. The board

Board on the list of exercises that thin your waist

The “board” is an increasingly popular exercise. Even if it focuses mainly on the abdomen, this activity trains the muscles of the whole body.

  • To adopt the correct position, you need to sit on the floor face down and support your body on your elbows and toes.
  • Keep your body stiff and in a straight line.

This exercise tests your endurance. Therefore, you need to gradually increase the number of sets and the duration.

2. “Mountain climbing”

You can speed up your metabolism and stimulate fat burning in the waist area if you choose to practice the movement below following the previous exercise.

  • Maintaining the position of the “board”, move as if you want to run or climb a mountain.
  • Bring your knees to your elbows in a continuous motion.
  • This physical activity is excellent because it combines cardiovascular exercises with muscle toning.

3. Twisting the torso

Twisting the torso on the list of exercises that thin your waist

Exercises that thin your waist are also those that keep the sides of the torso as flexible as possible and in constant motion.

  • Stretch your torso to the sides, as if you want to grab something from above.
  • You can do this exercise by sitting on a chair and stretching your arms to the floor, as if you wanted to grab an object.
  • Repeat stretches on both sides throughout the day, whenever you have the opportunity.

4. Horizontal twists

Horizontal twists keep your waist moving. Twist your body as if you want to turn your back without moving your hips. 

You can do this exercise with your hands on your waist, using an elastic band. In some gyms there are special equipment for its execution.

5. Knees at the elbows

Exercises that thin your waist like lifting your knees

Stand with your hands behind your neck and your feet slightly apart. Raise one knee to the opposite elbow. Repeat the exercise, alternating on both sides.

Another option is to repeat the above exercise, but lying on the floor facing up. This way you train your abdominal muscles even better.

6. Jumping

If you want to practice exercises that thin your waist, you do not have to limit yourself to the abdomen. They help to tone sagging skin, but to burn fat it is necessary to perform cardiovascular exercises.

  • To burn fat, practice a demanding exercise, such as jumping. You can do simple jumps, on the trampoline or you can jump rope.
  • When jumping, you should always adopt the correct posture: straight back and bent knees.
  • It lands slowly, as if you were jumping on something soft.

7. Belly dancing

Belly dancing on the list of exercises that thin your waist

From the list of exercises that thin the waist can not miss a dance that trains this area of ​​the body. Originally from the Middle East, belly dancing involves ample flexibility in many parts of the body. The main area is the pelvis, which controls the movements of the waist, hips, etc.

Belly dancing is a popular physical activity that includes a combination of toning and cardiovascular exercises. By dancing once a week, you lose weight, gain flexibility, strengthen your abdominal muscles and thin your waist.

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