7 Delicious Alkaline Food Combinations

An alkaline food diet can help us take care of our body and improve our overall health, as pathogens, many harmful bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic environment.
7 delicious alkaline food combinations

We have all heard a lot about the magical benefits of the most popular alkaline food combinations. But despite all this, you may be wondering if it is really necessary to focus on including this type of food in your diet every day.

As you probably already know, we do not lack food patterns and advice from the supposed gurus who promise us health and eternal well-being if we follow certain diets. But in the case of alkaline foods, there is no doubt.

If you want to enjoy a better internal balance and a superior quality of life, it is mandatory to use alkaline foods. Adding alkaline foods to shopping carts and, consequently, to our food is a healthy habit.

Many of the things we eat every day and appreciate – maybe too much – are foods that have an acidic effect on the digestive system: sugars, trans fats, sweet dairy products, preservatives, sweeteners, products rich in additives, etc.

Alkaline foods are known for their content of vitamins and minerals that help balance the body’s internal pH. It does not cause inflammation, does not contain excess calories and helps to perform many basic functions of the most important organs in the body.

But, if you’ve ever wondered if it would be a good idea to completely give up foods that have an acidifying effect in favor of alkaline ones, the answer is clear: a “no!” resounding. The idea is to get a balance. In this case, the ideal proportion is as follows: no more than 30% of the food you eat per day should have an acidifying effect, and the rest should be alkaline.

Now that we have established the ideal proportions, we will present you 7 delicious alkaline food combinations, which you can serve 7 days a week.

7 delicious alkaline food combinations

Alkaline food combinations

In addition, combining pomegranate with half an avocado will further increase the alkalizing power of both foods.

It is important to remember that avocado is one of the strongest alkaline foods. In addition to being delicious, it is rich in monounsaturated fats. One of its main advantages is that it is a powerful tool in combating acidity in the human body. Are you ready to start your day with this strong and tasty combination?

  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberry
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries
  • Shock fruits

And don’t forget to include dates! They will give a sweet touch and an even stronger alkaline effect.

Bowl with kiwi, nuts and oats
  • Did you know, for example, that a kiwi is richer in vitamin C than an orange?
  • Oats are, without a doubt, the king of cereals. It is a food that takes care of cardiovascular health and well-being. Put it on the list of suitable feeding options for each day of the week.

Created salad, seaweed and asparagus help reduce the amount of acid in the body, which can be harmful to health.

Also, this combination of alkaline foods gives you a generous amount of iron and calcium. In addition, asparagine, an amino acid found in high concentrations in asparagus, helps care for the nervous system.

These three foods help to alkalize the body. In addition, they help us eliminate those harmful toxins that the body needs to get rid of, facilitating the return to an optimal internal balance and an adequate pH level.

The combination of broccoli and lemon, which has strong antioxidant properties, improves digestion and helps eliminate lipids and fats.

Garlic contains allicin. It acts as a powerful antibiotic and an excellent anti-inflammatory capable of reducing fluid retention. (Garlic has many other magical benefits.)

Trust us: this combination is as delicious as it is healthy.

Cup of green tea

Papaya, for example, is considered to be the healthiest laxative in the world. It is excellent for colon cleansing. Parsley, on the other hand, is the favorite plant of our kidneys. Lemon and limes are two of the most alkaline fruits that nature offers us. So, be sure to include all four of these strong ingredients in your preparations to get a strong alkalizing effect.

Do not hesitate to try this completely natural and healthy recipe. Watermelon and cucumber are two alkaline foods rich in fiber, water, lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

If you choose the option of preparing a fresh juice, you will discover a light and refreshing drink. Once you try it, it will become essential in your diet throughout the week.

Do not hesitate to use these alkaline food combinations to get rid of acidity in the body!

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