7 Carcinogenic Foods To Avoid

If we do not become very selective with the foods we eat, we risk that certain toxic substances enter our body. These can cause, among other things, cancer.
7 carcinogenic foods to avoid

Nutrition plays a very important role in our health. On the one hand, there are many healthy foods that provide us with health benefits and protect us from various ailments. But on the other hand, certain carcinogenic foods can have the opposite effect on us.

Many people, without even realizing the danger they are exposed to, include carcinogenic foods in their daily diet. In this article we will present you seven such foods that many of us tend to eat very often. Read on and try to avoid them in the future as much as possible.

7 carcinogenic foods that we should avoid

Popcorn prepared in the microwave

The bags in which this popcorn is packed contain certain dangerous substances. They can form perfluorooctanoic acid during the microwave cooking process.

Do you consider yourself an avid popcorn lover and can’t even watch a movie without nibbling? We advise you to prepare popcorn yourself, using only vegetable oil. The popcorn you get will be healthier. Keep in mind that it won’t cost you too much money or time to prepare.

Dried meat

For several years now, dried meat has been promoted as a healthy food, rich in protein. Many people have even been convinced by advertising. The truth is that most studies have shown that this product actually falls into the category of carcinogenic foods.

Dried meat contains nitrites, salts that allow it to degrade much harder, but which have also been associated with the onset of cancer. If you want to protect your health, we advise you to avoid this food and eat only organic meat.

Canned food

Canned foods are carcinogenic foods

According to several studies, the inside of cans can be treated with a chemical compound called bisphenol-A. For this reason, canned foods are considered to be carcinogenic foods.

It is not yet clear if canned foods contain enough bisphenol-A to cause cancer, but why risk it? We advise you to reduce your daily intake of these foods and try to buy only canned products whose packaging says they are free of bisphenol-A.

Genetically modified foods

This type of food is genetically modified and treated with all kinds of herbicides and pesticides during the cultivation process. At first glance, you may not think there is something wrong with a genetically modified food. But find out that they contain chemicals that can cause cancer, but also other diseases. To maintain your health, support local farmers and buy only organic food.

Soft drinks

Carbonated drinks are carcinogenic foods

When it’s hot outside and you can’t quench your thirst, a bottle of sour juice is like heavenly manna, isn’t it? But these drinks usually contain about eight packets of sugar per serving, but also many chemicals that can cause cancer.

4-Methylimidazole (4-MEI) is the chemical agent responsible for the brown color characteristic of cola-based beverages. It has been associated with cancer in many cases. In addition, these drinks also contain corn syrup rich in fructose, a substance that promotes the development of cancer cells.

Carbonated drinks are without a doubt and can be carcinogenic foods. To avoid this terrible disease, we advise you to forget about cola and drink only natural juices and water.

“Light” or dietary foods

We often tend to associate the term “light food” with the concept of “healthy food”. The truth is that dietary foods simply have a low sugar and fat content, but do not actually contribute to weight loss.

In addition, these foods also contain artificial sweeteners, substances often associated with cancer. Ignore so-called dietary or “light” foods. Instead, opt for a diet rich in fruits, grains and vegetables.


Nuggets are carcinogenic foods

When you are hungry and do not feel like cooking, many of us get used to buying a fried snack quickly. But these snacks are carcinogenic foods. They contain a toxic compound resulting from frying at high temperatures.

The compound is called glyciamide and is formed from the metabolic process of acrylamide, another substance that results from frying at high temperatures.

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