6 Foods To Avoid In A Healthy Diet

Although they may seem harmless at first glance, certain foods have serious health consequences. Therefore, it is important to avoid them as much as possible. 
6 foods to avoid in a healthy diet

There are foods that should be avoided in a healthy and balanced diet. Do you know who they are? As we well know, the shops are full of tasty but unhealthy products. Advertisements promote them as quick and “healthy” alternatives to quenching hunger. In general, these foods are ready to be eaten and contain certain nutrients.

The problem is that we are not used to reading commercial food labels. Thus, we are not aware that they contain many additives that, over time, have negative effects on health.

In fact, we focus more on calories than on organic foods. This trend significantly influences current problems, such as obesity and metabolic disorders.

How do we identify harmful foods? Why is it important to reduce their consumption? Today we come to your aid with a list of 6 foods to avoid and we present the reasons why it is advisable to avoid them.

1. Processed meat

Foods to avoid from processed meat

Processed meat is very attractive to consumers due to its apparent freshness and delicious taste. Meat dishes are easy to add to various recipes and are an excellent option when it comes to cooking.

Unfortunately, eating foods high in sodium causes water retention and circulatory problems. In addition, processed meat contains chemicals such as nitrites and nitrates, which have been associated with several types of cancer.


  • Replace meat dishes with fresh and lean meat: chicken, turkey, fish, etc.

2. French fries: foods to avoid

French fries are very tasty and seem to be the ideal snack when you get hungry. In fact, they are among the main foods to avoid because of their high sodium and saturated fat content.

Regular consumption of french fries increases cholesterol levels and disrupts metabolism. In addition, this food leads to fattening.


  • Do you want to enjoy the delicious taste of french fries without endangering your health? Cook them at home with a small amount of fat or bake them in the oven.

3. Cereal bars

Foods to avoid such as cereal bars

For years, we have been buying cereal bars as a quick and healthy option to quench hunger. It is true that many of these products contain cereals and natural ingredients rich in nutrients. But cereal bars also contain sugar and chemicals that cause imbalances in the body. 


  • Replace cereal bars with a handful of nuts, oats or seeds.

4. Refined vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are used excessively around the world. In fact, it is almost impossible to eliminate them completely from the diet.

Although not all such products are harmful, most commercial vegetable oils are refined and contain dangerous fats that affect cardiovascular health and metabolism.

Some vegetable oils and fats that are on the list of foods to avoid are:

  • Soybean, palm and corn oil
  • Margarine


  • Avoid recipes with refined vegetable oils as much as possible. Try using olive oil or cooking food instead of frying it.

5. White flour

White flour on the list of foods to avoid

White flour has stormed supermarkets, not only in its original form, but also as an ingredient in a wide range of products. Consumers do not take into account the fact that white flour is subjected to a refining process,  which significantly affects its nutritional value.

Although in small quantities it does not cause complications, when consumed in excess, the flour leads to fattening, causes bloating and increases blood sugar.


  • Use wholemeal flour and products that contain this ingredient. If you want, you can try to replace the classic assortment of wheat with rye, chickpea or coconut flour.

6. Conserve

Canned food is still a quick option for people who do not have time to cook. They are easy to use, taste good and have a fairly long shelf life.

In reality, canned foods are foods that should be avoided if we want a healthy diet. The preservation process tells us that we should hesitate before consuming these products often.

Canned food has a low nutritional value. In addition, they contain chemicals that affect the health of the intestines.


  • Decide in advance what you will eat next week and try to add fresh and organic food to the menu.
  • Try to eat canned food only occasionally.

Do you often eat these foods that should be avoided in a healthy diet? Now you know which category you need to put them in, so try to replace them with healthier options.

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