5 Signs That You Are A Toxic Person

If you repeat the same behavioral patterns in your relationships with others, you need to ask yourself if the problem is not yours, not theirs. Are you a toxic person?
5 signs that you are a toxic person

We have talked many times in our articles about toxic people and their behavior. I also mentioned that it is good to beware of them. But have you ever wondered if you’re not a toxic person yourself? Would you know if you were? 

The truth is, most of the time, we don’t ask ourselves such questions. But it is important to think about these aspects, as interpersonal relationships give shape and color to our lives.

When you are a toxic person, you only establish conflicting relationships with the people around you that do not bring you happiness and security.

It’s time to find out what the signs are of a toxic person.

1. You are a toxic person if you gossip about others

You're a toxic person if you gossip about others

One of the first indications that you are a toxic person is the fact that you enjoy gossiping or criticizing those around you. 

People, in their essence, have a communicative nature. In fact, we feel the need to always talk to each other. But when a simple conversation turns into gossip, we adopt a negative and harmful behavior.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you always criticize those around you?
  • Do you say bad things about other people and never see their positive sides?
  • Do you invent certain things just to have something to say?

The truth is that the people around you will no longer trust you, even if you don’t care. All the people you talk to will lose confidence in you when they see you criticize others and eventually move away from you.

To avoid this situation, stop talking ugly about everyone. Sometimes it is better not to say anything than to hurt someone with your words.

2. You have a negative outlook on life

Another sign that you are a toxic person is your dark view of life. You see the negative side of every situation and you always have a reason to be angry or nervous.

If you are always sarcastic, you are constantly complaining about something or you are sad from morning to night, no one will want to spend time in your company. 

Don’t get us wrong. There are, of course, good reasons to feel discouraged. However, try to see things from the perspective of those around you. The fact that they are around a person who never has a positive attitude drains their energy.

Are you in the description above? Why do you think you behave like that? Harmful habits cause harmful attitudes. It is important to consider the reason behind this negative behavior in order to change something.

3. You expect too much from people

A toxic person has too many demands on relationships with others

Spending time with family, friends or your life partner should be one of the most important things in your life. Interpersonal relationships are an integral part of your identity and make you happy.

But if you expect too much from the people around you, it can be a sign that you are a toxic person. Even if you are part of a person’s life, this does not mean that you have to grab all his attention. 

Interpersonal relationships are based on the mutual exchange of time, space, company, etc. If you ask for the time and attention of those around you whenever you want, but you are not there for them when they need it, they will feel used.

If you think you are making this mistake, think about whether in the relationship with your loved ones you offer as much as you receive. 

We are not talking here about giving them money, but about spending time with them, such as an afternoon or an evening at the movies, a coffee outing or a pleasant conversation. In addition, it is good to give up all the requirements and claims so far.

4. You dramatize things

Another sign that you are a toxic person is the fact that you always dramatize negative situations. In this way, you get tired and annoying those around you.

Some people love to make a drama out of everything that happens to them:

  • It exaggerates the seriousness of the problems;
  • It creates scenes of jealousy;
  • He always argues with those around him.

Do you find yourself in the description above? If so, try to stop these behaviors or change them gradually. 

If you have a habit of dramatizing various situations in your life, people will start running away from you if they haven’t already.

5. You are constantly lying

If you lie all the time, you are a toxic person

It is not right to lie, even if you do it with good intentions. If you are used to lying all the time, you are definitely a toxic person.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to face the truth, because it causes you or a loved one pain or embarrassment. Lying, however, is never the best solution.

It’s even worse if you lie just to “cover your back.” You need to think about why you are lying and what you are trying to solve with this method. 

If lying has become a simple habit for you, without any justification, make an effort to get help, because this behavior is harmful.

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