5 Fruits With Anti-inflammatory Effect

Did you know that there are certain fruits that have anti-inflammatory properties? In this article we will reveal which of these are the most beneficial.
5 fruits with anti-inflammatory effect

There are certain fruits with anti-inflammatory effect, having a rich content of antioxidants and medicinal components that can strengthen the body’s defenses against pathogens. Thanks to their content of water, minerals and vitamins, these fruits can strengthen the body and prevent diseases such as inflammation.

Inflammation affects many people nowadays. Intestinal discomfort, inflammation of the liver or even water retention that develops into edema are problems that can be avoided with the help of a proper diet.

Read on and you will discover which fruits have the most beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

The best 5 fruits with anti-inflammatory effect

1. The pineapple

One of the best anti-inflammatory fruits is pineapple

Pineapple is one of the best fruits with anti-inflammatory effect. Its key ingredient is bromelain, a digestive enzyme that contains sulfur.

Once ingested, bromelain facilitates digestion and triggers an anti-inflammatory process that reduces the accumulation of fluid in the joints and prevents inflammation in this region.

To make the most of the benefits of pineapple, it is advisable to eat this fruit in its natural state, on an empty stomach.

It happens that you wake up in the morning feeling bloated, with swollen feet or affected by water retention. In this case, do not hesitate to serve a few slices of pineapple or a natural juice prepared from this fruit. This fruit will help you feel great!

2. Lemon and its bioflavonoid content

And lemons are wonderful anti-inflammatory fruits

This is not the first time we have talked to you about the beneficial effects of lemons. Moreover, we can mention the advantages offered by consuming a glass of warm water with lemon juice in the morning. Did you know that lemon is one of the best fruits with an anti-inflammatory effect?

This benefit is due to bioflavonoids, essential components of lemons. Found especially in the peel, pulp and white part of the fruit, these elements are very useful for ameliorating lesions. It acts as a powerful natural antibiotic, being able to relieve any type of inflammation.

To get all the benefits of bioflavonoids, it is essential to use the peel or white part of the lemon. So, we advise you to try the frozen lemon therapy that I presented to you in another article. It’s worth the effort!

3. Papaya and its secret component: papain

If you have a craving for anti-inflammatory fruits, try papaya with yogurt

If grocery stores or the market near your home sell papaya, do not hesitate to buy this fruit. Few fruits have stronger anti-inflammatory properties than this. Papaya has the ability to improve digestion and support weight loss.

Papain is one of the components of papaya pulp. This enzyme is used in natural medicine to relieve pain and cure inflammation. Papaya is wonderful and it is enough to eat only half a papaya every day.

Papaya provides us with a significant amount of vitamin C, iron, calcium and beta-carotene, one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature. Moreover, this fruit is easy to digest and has an antiseptic effect on the digestive mucosa. It is ideal for treating gastroenteritis or colitis.

4. Cherries, a useful remedy for arthritis

Cherries are a good option if you have a craving for anti-inflammatory fruits

The “magic” component of cherries, useful in reducing inflammation, is anthocyanins. This natural pigment is responsible for the characteristic red color of cherries.

Probably the most interesting benefit of this delicious fruit is its incredible anti-inflammatory effect. It is superior to that produced by aspirin. According to several studies, the consumption of cherries is indicated for those suffering from arthritis.

Moreover, cherries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and quercetin, an enzyme that fights free radicals. You can take advantage of all these benefits by eating 15 cherries after lunch.

5. The power of the apple peel

Some very useful anti-inflammatory fruits are apples

Do you usually serve an apple for breakfast? If your answer is no, it is advisable to adopt this healthy eating habit. In other articles I told you about the many beneficial properties of apples in terms of heart health and maintaining an enviable figure.

Did you know that these fruits also have a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect? According to a study published by the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Montana State University (USA), apple peel contains useful enzymes against so-called T cells, which cause inflammation.

Apple peel also contains pectin, a plant compound that provides minerals and vitamins useful against many types of infections. So do not hesitate to eat an apple every day, but be careful not to remove the peel.

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