4 Plants To Treat Natural Jug

If you do not know how to speed up the healing of the jug, today you will discover some herbal remedies that can help you.
4 plants to treat the natural jug

The pitcher is an acute inflammation caused by an infection that causes eyelid pain, tenderness and swelling. Today, you will discover some herbal solutions to treat the jug, so you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

In general, the jug is not serious and heals on its own, but sometimes it can cause complications and increased discomfort. For this reason, you can use any of the herbal remedies that we will propose in this article as a supplement to the treatment indicated by the specialist.

4 plants to treat the jug

As mentioned in the article “The most common causes of visits to the ophthalmologist”, urticaria is caused by bacteria of the genus Staphylococcus. If you have blepharitis, do not have good facial hygiene (such as make-up removal) or do not wash your hands enough, you can often develop urticaria.

1. Euphrasia

Useful plants to treat the pitcher
This plant has antimicrobial properties that help eliminate eye infection.

2. Rostopasca

As in the previous case, the best way to use this plant for the jug is to prepare an infusion. Then take a gauze or sterile compress and moisten it with liquid.

You must be careful not to immerse the gauze or compress in too hot water, as it can burn you. The infusion should be warm so that you can apply it on the eyes for 5 minutes without suffering any burns.

3. Marigolds

Plants that cure the pitcher
Marigolds have a calming effect that helps reduce the inflammation caused by the jug.

This plant is an excellent remedy to help speed up the healing of the jug. The best way to take advantage of all its properties is to make a poultice. For this, prepare a normal infusion of marigold.

Put the warm plants in a gauze or compress and cover them. With your eyes closed, apply this poultice on the jug and wait 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Green tea

Additional tips to speed up the healing of the jug

Girl applying eye treatment
Proper cleansing of the face will help prevent clogging of the follicles and the development of the jug.

In addition to the application of these remedies for treating the jug, it is necessary to consider a few tips. These are important if you have been suffering from jug for a long time.

You may not be able to properly remove makeup before bed. This is very important, because you must not forget that eyeshadow or mascara can cause the pitcher to appear. In addition, it is essential to use appropriate eye products.

Also, you have to be careful if you touch or rub your eyes a lot. Hands are not always clean, and this can promote the appearance of the jug.

If you suffer from a jug quite often despite using the remedies we have shared above, do not hesitate to talk to a trusted doctor. He will advise you on the best way to discover the root cause of this problem.

Do you often get pitchers? Are they minor or, on the contrary, do they cause severe swelling of the eyes?

We hope that these herbal remedies will be helpful in treating the jug and that you are now more aware that you need to remove your make-up every night (or wash your hands often) to prevent the problem from occurring.

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