4 Healthy Chocolate Desserts

Do you want to follow a balanced diet, but it is difficult for you to give up sweets? Stop suffering! Discover 4 healthy desserts with chocolate, which are very easy to prepare!
4 healthy desserts with chocolate

Do you want to prepare healthy desserts with chocolate that you can enjoy without feeling guilty? You’ve come to the right place! We will show you the best ideas to surprise your guests or family without worrying about calories!

Eating healthy does not mean that you cannot enjoy what you eat. In fact, you can even eat chocolate without worrying about calories! Of course, you should always choose dark chocolate, because it is the healthiest.

4 healthy desserts with chocolate

Dark chocolate can have huge health benefits! Did you know, for example, that it can help reduce the risk of stroke? Or that it could help lower bad cholesterol?

As you can see, including dark chocolate in your diet can be a good (and delicious) idea. Here are some of the best healthy chocolate desserts you will ever try!

1. Blackberry without flour

Plate with healthy chocolate desserts
Flour-free and sugar-free blackberries are just as delicious, but healthier!

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Method of preparation

2. Chocolate cake with chickpeas

Healthy desserts with chocolate and chickpeas
Replace the flour with cooked chickpeas and prepare a chocolate cake that you can eat without feeling guilty.

Method of preparation

3. Chocolate and avocado mousse

Healthy desserts with chocolate by the glass
Avocado provides nutrients and creaminess to the chocolate mousse.

Method of preparation

Candies with coconut and chocolate

Cocoa truffles
Coconut and cocoa candies are prepared with few ingredients and in a short time.

Method of preparation

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