3 Probiotic Remedies For Digestion

Often, the cause of digestive problems is an intestinal imbalance of the microbiota. In this article, you will discover some probiotic remedies that can help you improve your digestive health.
3 probiotic remedies for digestion

It is important to include in your diet every day foods that promote a healthy gut microbiota. In this regard, certain probiotic remedies rich in living microorganisms are useful for digestion and general health.

In this article, we will share three probiotic remedies that will help you improve your digestion. Because it requires different fermentation processes, we will show you how to make them step by step.

What are probiotics?

Probiotic foods contain living microorganisms. When you eat them, they remain active in the intestines, favoring the development of the microbiota. Therefore, they are essential for good digestion and optimal health.

If you want to consume probiotic remedies, you must choose fermented foods. In fact, the best option is to make them at home. Some of the products you will find on the market have undergone processes such as pasteurization, which removes probiotics from food.

Below, we will share with you some of the most popular and beneficial probiotic remedies for digestion. They are also suitable for all tastes, as they are based on dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

3 probiotic remedies for digestion

1. Kefir, one of the best probiotic remedies

Spoon with kefir mushroom
Kefir is a beverage that uses lactic microorganisms to ferment.

Yogurt, which is a very popular food around the world, naturally contains probiotics. This is due to the fact that it is made through a fermentation process. However, when pasteurized, it loses its beneficial bacteria.

Therefore, choosing kefir is an excellent alternative. You can make this dairy product at home with a bacterial culture that feeds on lactose from milk. All you have to do is add some kefir granules that will grow into this drink over time.

  • You can sweeten the kefir with

2. Pineapple peel drink

Probiotic remedies for pineapple digestion
Fermenting the pineapple peel with sweetener will allow you to get a natural probiotic with interesting health benefits.

If you like pineapple, you should know that you can also take advantage of its peel to make one of the most delicious probiotic remedies. You can ferment it with sugar to make a refreshing and very healthy drink.

There are many recipes, including alcoholic beverages, with this fruit. Below, we propose a version that consists mainly of the shell, which is very rich in enzymes.

3. Pickled cabbage, one of the best probiotic remedies for digestion

Probiotic remedies for digestion with sauerkraut
This traditional method of preservation creates healthy probiotic foods.

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