3 Easy Braided Hairstyles

For these wonderful hairstyles you need only a few hairpins, a hair elastic and sharp hands.
3 easy to do braided hairstyles

When we watch a series or a movie, we can’t help but wonder: how do actresses manage to make all those sophisticated hairstyles? The most impressive are those that at first glance look messy and ruffled, but which, in fact, are extremely complex. And the brave ones opt for braided hairstyles that are easy to make and suitable for any event.

These braided hairstyles leave us speechless, but also with unanswered questions about how we could develop our personal style. Fortunately, it is much simpler than it seems. All we have to do is use a few tricks to recreate the original style.

To help you discover your own style, we will show you how to perfect some simple braided hairstyles. All are elegant and suitable for any occasion. How about giving them a chance?

Don’t worry about the materials you need. All you need is a hair elastic, some hairpins and two hands. There is no need for any professional tool that costs a cartload of money, just patience and the desire to learn.

3 easy to do braided hairstyles

1. Fishtail braid

Braided hairstyles easy to do

The braids in the fishtail seem to be detached from the story. No wonder the heroines of Warp of Thrones also opt for them. Don’t be afraid to try this braid! All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Grab your hair in a regular ponytail and divide it into two equal sections. Take a strand of hair from the left and join it with the section on the right. Take a strand of hair from the right and pass it over the newly formed joint, then join it with the left section. Continue braiding until you reach the desired point, then tie it with a hair elastic.

You can pull the braided tail a little to give it a slightly sloppy look, depending on how you want it to look. The more you experiment and get used to the braid, the more you will be able to “play” with it and customize it.

2. Braided crown

Wavy and styled hair

If you like hippie or hipster style, then this braid is for you. It is also perfect for the moments when we hurry to leave home. It will only take a few minutes. So you want to know how to knit a wreath?

Make two small braids on both sides of the head, but keep a section in the center unwoven. Then bring the braids back and fasten them together using paper clips – and that’s it! Don’t be afraid to experiment with hairpins.

You can make a lot of woven crowns using this technique, but in your own way, giving birth to new patterns. You can always change this elegant style to fit a street outfit. Let your creativity work!

3. Wheat ear braid

Classic braided hairstyles

Wheat or student braid is one of the most versatile hairstyles. It is perfect for women who want to approach the modern style, without seeming too bold.

Start by choosing three equal strands of hair from the top of your head to braid. As you progress, add new strands of hair to all sections. Keep knitting until you run out of “material” to work with.

If you want to innovate this simple style, make a wheat braid on both sides of the head. In general, thicker braids fit this style best and are perfect for special occasions.

How to prepare your hair for braided hairstyles?

One of the most common worries when flirting with the idea of ​​braided hairstyles is how to prepare our hair for the new experience? Straight and dry hair is the easiest to braid. But not all of us are born with straight hair.

If your hair is curly, it is best to braid it immediately after drying it with a towel.

However, women with wavy hair have the most difficulty in braiding. If you are one of them, the best strategy is to let your hair dry a little, until it becomes slightly damp: not completely dry, but not wet. At this stage you can work with your hair without encountering too many problems. You will get the desired result guaranteed.

The way we look is very important. But we must not strive to look good only for those around us, but primarily for ourselves. For our mental and physical health, it is essential to be content with the way we look and not forget to pamper ourselves a little from time to time. Self-esteem and a positive attitude are essential to being happy.

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