3 Complementary Treatments For Hypothyroidism

Complementary treatments for hypothyroidism can go a long way in controlling the symptoms of this disease. Here are three interesting alternatives.
3 complementary treatments for hypothyroidism

In this article, we will give you some options that will work wonders for your health. This is because they will help you manage annoying symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, insomnia and even constipation.

3 complementary treatments for hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland is essential for the health of the body because it produces hormones that regulate metabolism. In addition, they are involved in many of the many functions of the human body. Therefore, the symptoms of hypothyroidism affect our health in different ways.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid is slow. Therefore, it fails to produce enough hormones. To diagnose this problem, the doctor will perform blood tests to try to find out the levels of thyroxine (T4) and thyrotropin (TSH).

As with other diseases, there are differing opinions about optimal hormone levels. In some cases, any changed level may return to normal after a certain period of time. Therefore, the doctor will always rely on blood tests, but also on any symptoms present. If he deems it necessary, he will prescribe you medications that contain thyroid hormones, so as to treat the deficiency.

In addition to compliance with medical guidelines and regular check-ups, complementary treatments with proven effects for hypothyroidism are a useful complement to drug treatment. They are also excellent preventive measures if you have a natural predisposition to this type of disease.

1. A daily dose of selenium

Healthy foods included in complementary treatments for hypothyroidism
These are important sources of selenium. Consuming adequate amounts will improve your health.


2. Maca supplements

Maca is a root native to Peru, which is part of the diet of most people in South America. Maca powder is now a heavily used supplement worldwide as it provides an energy boost and also regulates hormone levels.

Yellow maca is extremely effective in thyroid disorders, especially during menopause. In addition, this root can give you enough energy to cope with fatigue, a common symptom of hypothyroidism.

To take a maca supplement, just follow the directions and dosage on the label of a product. Remember that maca has stimulating effects, so start with a low dose and gradually increase the amount consumed under the supervision of a family doctor.


Soybeans in bowls
Another way to supplement your treatment for hypothyroidism is to avoid foods that can damage your thyroid.

Foods to avoid in case of hypothyroidism are:

  • My
  • Flaxseed

In general, if you follow complementary treatments for hypothyroidism, you will improve the effectiveness of medical treatment and you will notice that you have more energy for daily activities. Therefore, make small changes in your daily diet and never forget to take medication.

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