19 Tricks To Gain Space In The Bathroom

If you want to gain space in the bathroom and make it more functional, you need to focus on the smaller areas where you can add shelves for storing frequently used items. 
19 tricks to gain space in the bathroom

In case you didn’t know, there are some great ways to gain more space in the bathroom and organize all your items efficiently.

Most homes have a small bathroom, as architects prefer to give more space to bedrooms and living rooms. Although it is a small place, you can make your bathroom more comfortable and pleasant by adding decorative elements or accessories.

The problem is that, most of the time, it is very difficult to organize all the things as they should, and in the end you wake up with a chaotic pile of bottles, cosmetics, toilet paper, towels and other objects that are kept in the bathroom.

Many people do not know that there are some great ways to create more space in the bathroom, having everything well arranged. 

In today’s article we present 19 interesting options to organize your bathroom and use this space in a thoughtful way.

Why not put them into practice?

1. Recycle PVC pipes

PVC pipes in the bathroom can be recycled

Yes, you read that right. The remaining pieces of PVC pipe from another project can be turned into holders for hair brushes, dryers and other accessories that usually crowd the bathroom space.

2. Buy narrower furniture

Narrow furniture leaves more free space in the bathroom

Corner or wall furniture is a great way to take advantage of the narrow places or corners in the bathroom. You can store towels, toilet paper and many other products.

3. Hang baskets on the wall

Attach baskets to the walls of the bathroom

If you have any pimples that you no longer use, attach them to the walls to put lotions, brushes, etc. in them. This is a very useful way to gain space in the bathroom.

4. Build wooden shelves

Wooden shelves offer a touch of elegance in the bathroom

Wooden shelves give the walls a touch of elegance and can be used to store cosmetics in an orderly manner.

5. Storage on cabinet doors

A shelf on the bathroom cabinet door is very useful

Cabinet doors are the perfect place to add a pocket to store products such as a hair dryer or curler.

6. A towel rack and a shelf

A hanger with a shelf helps you gain space in the bathroom

What would it be like to create a single place to keep towels and cosmetics? With just a few hooks, you can gain a lot of space in your bathroom.

7. Bathtub with hidden storage space

Creates a hidden storage space next to the bathtub in the bathroom

If you are designing or remodeling your bathroom, try to build a hidden storage space in which to store the “surplus” of objects. 

8. Shelves on several levels

Put on the bathroom shelves on several levels

A cake tray or certain plate holders can be used to create shelves on which to place cosmetics or other small items.

9. Glass jars

You can keep small items in the bathroom in jars

Do you like to reuse certain objects instead of throwing them away? Collect all the glass jars and use them to organize and store the objects in the bathroom. 

10. Use magnetic foil

Apply a magnetic foil to the bathroom cabinet

In order not to lose your hairpins and other small metal objects, you can attach a magnetic foil that you can attach to the inside of a shelf.

11. Shelves above the toilet

Put some shelves on top of the bathroom toilet

A shelf above the toilet is a great place to store cleaning products, towels, rags and many other items.

12. Use clips to gain space in the bathroom

Hang some clips in the bathroom to gain space

If you do not have a shelf in the shower or built into the bathtub to store your toiletries, try to use hooks  to give them a suitable place to store them.

13. Mirror hangers

Stick adhesive hangers on the bathroom mirror

You can find adhesive hangers everywhere to stick to the mirror or dressing table to hang brushes and other accessories.

14. Shelves hanging from doors

Grab some shelves on the bathroom cabinet doors

You can hang shelves on closet doors to store cleaning products, sponges and other items you want to keep tidy.

15. Magnetic board

Put a magnetic board in the bathroom

Buy a magnetic board and stick some small magnets on the cosmetics to keep them permanently visible and ready to use.

16. Roll the towels

Roll the bath towels instead of folding them

Instead of folding them, try rolling the towels and putting them in a basket or on a shelf. You will gain space in the bathroom and you will create a more welcoming atmosphere.

17. A closet under the mirror

Put a cupboard under the bathroom mirror

The space under the sink and mirror is perfect for adding a closet or shelf. You can keep a lot of objects in it that you usually use often. 

18. Hanger on the bathroom door

Put a hanger or towel rail on the bathroom door

If you add some hangers or racks to the bathroom door, you can use them to hang towels, bathrobes or other similar items.

19. Built-in drawers

Any free space on the wall can be used to incorporate small, multifunctional drawers.

Do you have any ideas to gain more space in the bathroom? Share them with us and do not hesitate to put into practice the suggestions we have presented above.

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